White Shoe has the lead…

Drafted by White Shoe & posted by Money Hose….

The Thang:
SSH x40
Imperial Walkers x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Merkins x10
Stations: 2:00 min per station x2
1. Lincolns (pound Junk with sledgehammer in rail-splitting form) / x5 burpees – rotate AMRAP
2. Wall ball (toss 15lb. medicine ball back and forth over 15′ backstop) AMRAP
3. Pull ups x10 – rotate and repeat AMRAP
4. Chuck ‘n Run / sit ups – rotate AMRAP
5. 2-hand slams and alternating slams with battle rope / x5 burpees – rotate AMRAP
High slow flutter x20
Crotch Sweats
WWII sit ups x20
Russian Hammers x15
T-claps to our friends Frat Girl and Mutiny for joining us while down east on business from the Queen City.
T-claps to Wendell Gee for breaking the news to Frat Girl and Mutiny that this morning’s workout was, in fact, not the Mule and that they’re a few days behind schedule. #UA
Battle rope made its first appearance in the regular rotation–hijinks ensued.