The second installment of the Cary CORE workout took place on a cold rainy morning.  It is hard to fill 45 minutes of Mary without running, aye!

Ssh x 35
Good mornings x 10

Walking lunges to the deceptively soft COP

Tons of planks scattered throughout

In no particular order:
Merkins x 10
Hello putins, raise the leg drop the hip x 10
Goodbye Sarkozy x 10
Decline merkin holds
Willie wonka with intermittent squats
Reverse lateral raises

Lbc, hello dolly, heels to Jesus, Rosalitas, leg holds, Freddy,

Partner up
Floor sweeper x 10
Leg throws

More wonkas with intermittent lateral raises

Knee ups

Merkin ladder


T-claps to the pack for posting on the cold rainy day