Location: Centennial Campus (Corner of Centennial Pkwy and Oval Dr)
Time: 6am Friday Oct 12, 2012
Weather Cold and Dark

The routine:
Warm Up with Mountain climbers, side shuffle plank, good mornings

1mi run to soggy field.

20 count 1.5 merkins (standard merkin starting position, down to ground, back up halfway to low plank, then back down to ground and back to starting position)

20 count bridge march (on ground with left leg bent, push hips up so back is straight and march right leg back and forth towards chest) switch legs and repeat.

10 count 1.5 merkins with diamond grip

20 count bridge march

20 count Sarkozy and Putins

Recover and 1mi run to parking deck.  Wonk did 1.5 thanks to an unplanned detour.

20 count fazio forward arm circles

Run to top of parking deck (5 levels)

Circle count in high plank hold 10 count each.

20 count lunge kick (start in lunge position, jump and kick legs onto opposite leg)

Run to “The Pull Up Tree” (aptly placed tree with low appropriately sized branches upon which to do pull-ups) 10 count.

Run down deck back to cars 0.5mi

35 count Russian hammers

The End