A warm front comes through Raleigh and Big Sproles decides to post.  In the dark and gloom of Lake Johnson 5 PAX set out to run, exercise and have a good time.

The run was much slower than normal today.  All in all we were posting about 26 minutes per running, 3 minutes slower than last week (on a 2.9 mile course).  The lighting wasn’t too bad, the weather was awesome at 62 degrees with mild humidity.

After the run, we continued our tradition of each PAX leading 3 exercises of their choice.

CK: SSH x15, windmills x20, high knees in place x15 (then add in arm punches to look like a dork x10)

Howard: High Plank x20, Sarkozy x20, Putin x20, High Plank x20

Fazio: Karaoke around the circle, Walking lunges around the circle, backwards run around the circle

Maize: Dips x21, stepups x25, decline merkins x25

Sproles: Touch toes x20, LBC x20, High slow flutter x20, Freddy Mercury x20, 6 inch leg hold circle count


A great workout and a first for bastard and FEBA to be called out during a trail run tail end workout.

NOTE: the trail run is moving to Tuesday instead of Monday, same time and same place.  Also note that there will be trail maintenance starting today for the next 6 weeks.  This means that we will not be able to do the full loop and will switch to an out and back run.