A cold day, the PAX with five fingers complained the whole time, the rest just mentioned how cold it was before we started moving.


SSH x20, Imperial Walker x20

Run to upper picnic area for a good circuit warmup:

4 stations, 3 round: 20 burpees, 40 squats, 120 count plank variations then up/down planks, 10 box jumps/20 dips/10 situps

Run down to pain island for 2 rounds of tabata (3 choices, knees to elbows, pushups, or up/down planks).

Run over to amphitheatre for Mary/COT



That is a short backblast for an hour, but the PAX worked hard and at the end of each Tabata round most folks were sitting around not moving.  Aye, the pain will continue.

A random box showed up in the circuit warmup, it started out as 20″, then rotated to 24″ and ended up at 30″.  Quite a challenge for most everybody to jump to the 30″ box.

tclaps to au-pair for bringing an FNG

tclaps to King David and White Shoe for sticking with the knees to elbows,