47 degrees and partly cloudy on the Fletcher field this morning and off we go.  A crooked number of FNGs live on a Wednesday morning…


Warm Up Just keep running; fellowship jog through the darkness; 40 SSHs in the Hole, Fazio Circles, Imperial Walkers

Pay the Devil:  Lunge Walks from Stone Circle up and out of Amphitheater; sprint to light post; 20 Merkins (Total of 10 Sets for 200 Merkins)  Recover on the plank (hat tip to Sarkozy (President emeritus), Putin and other plank antics)).  This was a quiet moment of reflection for all involved.  Silence.  Deathly quiet really.  Flash mob of breathable quick-dry shirts.

Mosey to Base of Hamburger Hill 

Six Minutes of Mary: 25 LBCs, High Slow Flutters, WWII Sit Ups, Dollies; Alternating Oblique Crunches; Rosalitas; six inch leg holds for circle count

Stand at the Base of Hamburger Hill 

Honor the Floppy: Descending Spartan Burpee Ladder (5, 4, 3…1) for a total of 5 Hill Climbs & 15 Spartan Burpees

Bonus Planking: A few more planks to keep it interesting.


The Moleskin:

  • There hasn’t been this much successful recruiting underway since Eric D. rolled a sweet Trans Am into Dallas and got fitted for his first half cut mesh tanker. #ponyexpress.  Tclaps to Minnie for trading cash or old 98 degree albums for FNGs or whatever he’s doing to recruit seemingly half the 30-40 age cohort in Wake County.  This follows the steady and reliable recruiting work of Maize, the Gee, and the grand daddy of sweetheart job placements for entourage members, Mr. Shoe.  White Shoe.
  • We welcome one of Mayberry Mount Airy’s own, Otis (FNG), to the mix today.  An F3 Raleigh first to prescribe the secondary name in advance (should he forget the first).  #AuntBea
  • Tclaps to the Floppy Project.  A stalwart at the Spartan Beast last weekend.  In a related story, Joseph Random quote overheard near the finish line “I am pretty sure that I blacked out at mile no. 9.  Last thing I remember was a guy in a black shirt saying something about “great group of guys–yououghta try it.  We’d love to have you.  Say, I’ll give you a ride…pick you up on Wed. at 430 AM…My name’s Floppy—“”
  • Thoughts with our dear leader.  Mr. Chairman Howard.  Bum knee.  Get better.

That is all.  Money Hose

0 Replies to ““Officer, I was Just Tryin’ to Walk Snickers and Next Thing I Know a Silent Mob of Technical Fabric Comes Bounding Down the Hill from All Directions…””

  • Sorry to have missed it. Sounds like a beat down that would have sent me home crying to my mama. I’ve missed the fellowship, but will be out there on Saturday.

  • I considered a post to Fletcher in the Wednesday gloom…a late Tuesday night reservation at the Pit and a strange combination of paleontologists and toddlers at my hotel contributed to my fartsacking.

    Next time I am up in your fair city (I missed the fair too) I would love to pay a visit, now that I know where the park is.

  • I’m not so sure about the silence… I definitely remember me hollering BS at least twice, on rounds 8 & 9 out of the hole. I thought those $%@* merkins were going to kill my shoulder which I torqued during the Beast. Turns out I think it actually might have helped fix me! Thanks Money Hose! Also wanted to shout out to Cracker…great first F3 workout. You put me to shame just like at the Beast. Glad to have you join us!

  • Aye. Could not believe the collective silence of the PAX this morning. That was a BS-worthy workout for sure but the Q got a pass for some reason. Perhaps the boys were still processing the finer points of the presidential debate or trying to figure out exactly who Honey Boo Boo is and why her recent endorsement of President Obama could be a game changer. I willl second the shout-out to the strong run of FNG’s in recent weeks. Keep coming out, men.

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