6 stalwarts in the pre-standard time darkness…Off we go….

The Thang:

Warm Up–Run around the park loop, SSHs, Imperial walkers

1. 2 Minute Drill; 2 Man Teams; Rotate clockwise as follows:

Station 1: Lunge walk up hill while Military Pressing a) the slosh pipe (kotter) or b) the trunk of a 4 inch-diameter maple tree (FNG) that Money Hose chopped down on M.MoneyHose’s instruction last weekend.

Station 2: Turkish Get Ups with El Jefe & Suitcase deadlift with 35 lbs Kettlebell

Station 3: Long toss with 15 lbs medicine ball (chest pass, hip toss, keg toss, throw in)

**The catch today was the inclusion of the “Jail Break” method of rotation.  At the end of each 2-minute segment, all Pax picked up whatever they were working with and carried it on the run to the top of the park near a nondescript late 90s economy sedan parked on Cherokee Drive.  Pax then returned on the run to the station.  This meant, in practice, that each 2 minute span saw a herd of pax carrying unweildy objects (hat tip to “coupons” of GoRuck fame) through the darkness.  By luck of the draw, El Jefe’s handler and the pax carrying The Tree caught the short straw, so to speak.

2. 2 X 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups

Run around the park loop


The Moleskin:

  • All credit to Maize for doing a PhD level Turkish Get Up.  That individual is a beast.
  • Somehow, the COT Version 3.0 descended into hilarity over actually incorporating actual Turks into the routine.  The Big Tuna will make some calls.
  • Brothership next Thursday night.