The dynamic duo of Howard and Wonk greeted the Yankee laden city of Cary with another morning of CORE pain. As is custom at this workout, there was no running, but there was plenty of sweat.


Bicycle rack dips x5

WW2 sit-ups x25


Dips x10

Inverted Rows x5 x 2

Squat jumps x5 x2

Merkins X10

Plank, Sarkozy, Asian Sarkozy, Putin, Asian Putin


Head to kiddy land:

Balance bar jump overs x10

More dips x10

Decline plank hold

Decline plank low hold



Mosey over to hill of hell

Spider crawl up hill


Balls to the wall x10

People’s chair x10 x2


Back to padded fun area

Pull-ups xmax

Knee ups xmax


A bit of marry

Dolly, Rosalita, Hold, Freddy x15

Back to hill of hell

Frogger to top, 5 merkins

Crab walk down each time

Bear crawl to top, 4 merkins

Spider crawl to top, 3 merkins

Spider again, 2 merkins

Frogger, 1 merkin



T-clasp to Howard for relieving wonk the pain of Qing a solo workout. All of Cary thanks the kind pastor for avoiding the embarrassment of the guy doing a cadence call for no one.