Drafted by White Shoe & Posted by Money Hose:

The Thang:

800M run
SSH x30
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x20
2 man teams (save White Shoe, who rolled solo), 5 stations, 2 minutes, AMRAP.  Jail Break rotations (run approx 200 yds. to and from completed station with coupon in tow before moving to next station)
Burpees x5 / Junk flips and/or Abe Lincolns.
Lunge walk up hill while Military Pressing: a) the slosh pipe; or b) the Tree.
Turkish Get Ups with El Jefe / Suitcase deadlift with 35 lb. Kettlebell.
Toss 15lb. medicine ball over 15′ backstop.
Cinder Block shuffle (like the relay, except there’s no one to pass the pain to, so you just keep suffering)
Rinse and repeat.
“The Gazebo In The Ma[i]ze Affair”:
3 groups, 3 sets, pullups x5
“Hang ’em High”:
10′ rope climb
800M run (at a clip)
Hang ’em high is a strong addition and will hopefully pay dividends at future events…such as the Spartan Sprint this coming March…which will be attended by all members of the Raleigh Pax.  #callout #getinvolved
White Shoe and King David are in the remedial rope climbing class.  The over-50 dynamic duo of Howard and Hayseed smoked them like a bad cigar. 
Hayseed came out of the gate with a gold star FNG performance, but it was his quotes that stole the day.  Fan favorites included: “This is much harder than the eliptical machine” and, while in residence at the Gazebo, “The machine at the Y has a stool that helps you with these.”  Don’t let the comments fool you, Hayseed brought 58 years of kick a@@ to this morning’s festivities. #oldmanstrong
Second F event 7:30 tonight at Village Draft House in Cameron Village. Someone mentioned a funnel. #regret #dontletyourfriendsdrinkalone