4 pax planted a VSF and began a Top Shelf beatdown.

Warm up yog to the top and back with some butt-kickers, high knees, karaoke, and backward runs mixed in

Extended COP warm up with, for the first time in Top Shelf history, no SSH
Arm circles
Good mornings
Peter Parkers

Mosey to the top for a Jack Webb/Peter Parker extravaganza
Merkin x 1, PP x 2, Press x 3
Merkin x 2, PP x 4, Press x 6

Merkin x 10, PP x 20, Press x 30

Mosey to the bottom for a little rest…on the pullup bar
Pullups x 10
Derkins x 10
Box jumps x 15
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the top for a Wack Jebb
Merkin x 10, Press x 1

Merkin x 1, Press x 10

Mosey on down to the start for an honor round Mary with some exercises I can’t remember


– Kotters to Lucky Strikes, who was selfishly off in some far off land curing the world of the lack of toilets
– Special guest Kayne this early morning.  The usual pax had their usual response to a non-usual pax…confusion, quiet stares, and eventual realization that there are others stupid enough to workout before 5am
– Resurgence May 10, 0700