8 PAX enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at Martin MS and endured some pain as we ran Yasso 800s Tuesday at #Hi-Fidelity.  The Yasso 800 workout is a speed workout designed to be repeated over several weeks building to 10×800 in prep for a Marathon.  As the Boston Marathon was Monday, this seemed to be an appropriate workout.  All Pax completed 5 repeats of 800m, and nearly 5-miles of overall work.

The THANG – Warm-up with one lap around the track and COS (Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Windmills).  YHC wanted to get in 6 repeats, so we got right to business.  Unfortunately, my calculations were off and we managed only 5.

The WORK – 800 m repeats in min/sec of your target marathon time in hours/min with a recovery jog of equal time.  Pace works out to be 30 sec slower per mile than your “Mile time” if you follow the Daniel’s pace calculator (http://www.runsmartproject.com/calculator/).  We had groups at 3:15/800, 3:30/800, and 3:45/800.

COT with stretches, announcements, and prayers.


  • T-claps to the Pax for embracing the suck in this workout.  This is a progressive work session that gets harder as we push to the limits of fatigue.
  • Double t-claps for Bob Villa for enduring a sub 3:00 final 800.
  • One site FNG – welcome Swirlie – joining us for back-to-back days in his first week.
  • ** MILE TEST ** on Tuesday, 5/6
  • TarHeel 10-miler is this Saturday.
  • F3 Trail Run at Umstead – Thursdays at 5:45a – 6 miles on Bridle Trails
  • Upcoming themes of HiFidelity – May / June 6 weeks of sprints.  June / July – 6 weeks of hill training (with variety) for #brr prep

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  • I mostly spout off during warmups and COT at track practice. I’m still waiting for the fellowship jog workout to make an appearance. Enough of the Yasso.

  • Good work out there Fazio. I have been impressed with the work you (and even Au Pair) are putting into this. Definite payoff in improved cardiovascular fitness… Looking forward to seeing good results at our Mile Test on 5/6!

  • Great work by Enron & Co. in finding new and creative ways to make my running more purposeful and enjoyable. Even Au Pair says so. No small feat to curb that guy’s #mumblechatter.

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