8 PAX enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at Martin MS and endured some pain as we ran Yasso 800s Tuesday at #Hi-Fidelity.  The Yasso 800 workout is a speed workout designed to be repeated over several weeks building to 10×800 in prep for a Marathon.  As the Boston Marathon was Monday, this seemed to be an appropriate workout.  All Pax completed 5 repeats of 800m, and nearly 5-miles of overall work.

The THANG – Warm-up with one lap around the track and COS (Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Windmills).  YHC wanted to get in 6 repeats, so we got right to business.  Unfortunately, my calculations were off and we managed only 5.

The WORK – 800 m repeats in min/sec of your target marathon time in hours/min with a recovery jog of equal time.  Pace works out to be 30 sec slower per mile than your “Mile time” if you follow the Daniel’s pace calculator (http://www.runsmartproject.com/calculator/).  We had groups at 3:15/800, 3:30/800, and 3:45/800.

COT with stretches, announcements, and prayers.


  • T-claps to the Pax for embracing the suck in this workout.  This is a progressive work session that gets harder as we push to the limits of fatigue.
  • Double t-claps for Bob Villa for enduring a sub 3:00 final 800.
  • One site FNG – welcome Swirlie – joining us for back-to-back days in his first week.
  • ** MILE TEST ** on Tuesday, 5/6
  • TarHeel 10-miler is this Saturday.
  • F3 Trail Run at Umstead – Thursdays at 5:45a – 6 miles on Bridle Trails
  • Upcoming themes of HiFidelity – May / June 6 weeks of sprints.  June / July – 6 weeks of hill training (with variety) for #brr prep