12 PAX at OCL ready to be led by Avalanche:

Converge on basketball court and count off.
20x Windmills IC.
15x WMH IC.

The Thang:
Depart on a swift run from basketball court counterclockwise around Rashkis through the lot and back to the starting point. Try not to be last.
100x Merkin Pyramid.
15x SSH IC.
Partner up and mosey to playground for more exercise.
10x Pull Ups and >=25x Tuck Jumps while partner works Pull Ups.
Switch and repeat until completed 3 sets completed: total 30x Pull Ups & ~100x Tuck Jumps.
Depart on another, slightly longer, swift run from playground counterclockwise around Rashkis up to the street and to the top of the hill at the entry to the parking lot.
Use full hill at Entrance for “7s” a.k.a. Jacob’s Ladder.
21x Burpees at the top and 21x Knee Ups On Your Six at the bottom completes one cycle; some PAX made their back up the ladder until everyone completed at least one cycle of 7s.
Run clockwise around school from hill to courtyard and grab some wall.
40x Dips.
20x Box Jumps.
Repeat 40x Dips and 20x Box Jumps.
Continue clockwise run back to basketball court for Mary.
50x Accountability BWS.
20x Russian Hammers IC.
15x WWI OYO.
Bows to Toes.
10x Extend-Then-Grab-Imaginary-Ball-in¬-Feet.
20x LBCs.
1x Recover.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.