YHC is not particularly fond of these steam filled mornings that we have had this summer. It is a part of summer, yes, but it seems like they are every morning this summer. Maybe YHC is just getting old, but give me a cold, crisp workout any day over the saunas we have experience this summer. Cant wait for proper autumn…in New Hampshire…but YHC digresses….

This day was no different, oh no…nor was the fact that YHC took the PAX to his favorite BO playspot, the parking deck. 15 men were ready to go and off we went, with a stop by the firehouse for some warm up. Make that 16..Grinch wheeled in to meet us. 13x good mornings, 13x mtn climbers, 13x merkens, 13x IW’s. Jog onto the pocket park. Fine grass there. Cary knows horticulture. Partner darkens 30 each, flapjack. 20 each flapjack. Partner leg throws while looking for shooting stars. Flapjack.

Onto the hot as hell parking deck that often has the wafting 2nd hand cigarette smoke and today some kind of gas smell. Stairwell suicides up the steam tube to each level and back down, all the way to the top. P2 American Hammers. Flapjack and repeat. Plankhold around the horn x 10 each man. Repeato the stair suicides. P2 6 inch leg holds and flapjack. Over to parking deck ramp. P1 bearcrawl up the ramp and 20 merkens at top. Jog down. P2 WWII sit ups. Flapjack. Plankhold again around the horn 10x each. Over to the other stairwell. One more stair suicide while P2 dying cockroach. Flapjack. Callahan and YHC had a discussion about moist and glisten..had to be there. Mosey back to first parking lot. 20 partner darkens and flapjack. Mosey back to start and 20x lbc.


Great work today men. Honor to lead as always.

NM: Burts shorts, moist and Cheese brought welcomed ice packs. Downtown Cary still looks like Fallujah.