As the PAX of 14 gathered for The Swashbuckler in the West Carteret parking lot, there were familiar faces and new ones.  FNG Dustin Morris (Tinker) made his debut, EH’d by Jim Tom, and we were visited by Nickelback, vacationing from F3 Raleigh.  Barely noticeable in the crowd was the ever subdued Hoff from F3 Wilmington.  Hoff rolled out of his car, shirtless and daisy duked, at 5:21 and proceeded to lead the early crew on a lap around the parking lot.  Veteran move.  I’m gonna try that one on my next off land post.  The mere possibility of Hoff’s posting had motivated Dipstick into co-q’ing today’s Swashbuckler.  During our Wednesday lunch, a giddy Dipper had come up with quite a blistering Thang option for YHC.

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.  Or as Big Denny used to always remind us, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”  Never realized he was into Virgil, but I’m not totally surprised.  Big Denny taught my generation of Morehead boys a lot of different things, how to tie a tie, how to drive, and about nature’s role in your hip use.  But it was the historical significance of his Carolina days studying ancient Roman poets that led YHC into gloom for The Swashbuckler.

At 0529 the 1 minute warning was given, even though we knew Shaft was taking his 2.0 back to school.  YHC welcomed the PAX, specifically our FNG and visitors from off.  The PAX were also reminded of our mission in F3, “To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  After being properly disclaimed, we were led off into the gloom of the track by Dipper for


One set of bleacher snakes

High Knees IC x20

Cotton Picker IC x12

Hand release merkin IC x10

6 inch hold for 20 count

Windmill IC x15

With the PAX warmed and ready, Dip handed the reigns over to YHC and we moseyed to the east end of the football field.  With all respect to Dip’s weinke, Duck Butter had to make it his own

The Thang

If you were looking for low reps, light running, and recovery time, you were in the wrong place.

  1. (6) 100 yd sprints, 3 sec recovery between each.  After the 2nd, 4th, and 6th 100 yd sprint we did 5 SSHs in cadence.  3 sec recovery.  Who’s motivated!
  2. 100 yd sprint followed by 12 merkins and 3 air presses from our knees.  100 yd sprint followed by 9 merkins and 6 air presses.  5 count.  100 yd sprint followed by 6 merkins and 9 air presses.  100 yd sprint followed by 3 merkins and 12 air presses.  10 count recovery.
  3. (4) 80 yd sprints, 3 sec recovery between each. After 2nd and 4th sprint we did 5 SSHs in cadence.
  4. 80 yd sprint followed by 12 groiners and 3 WWI sit ups. 80 yd sprint followed by 9 groiners and 6 WWIs.  5 count.  80 yd sprint followed by 6 groiners and 9 WWIs.  80 yd sprint followed by 3 groiners and 12 WWIs.
  5. (2) 60 yd sprints. After the 2nd sprint we did 5 SSHs in cadence.
  6. 60 yd sprint followed by 12 Catalina Wine Mixers and 3 plank jacks in cadence. 60 yd sprint followed by 9 CWMs and 6 plank jacks in cadence.  5 count.  60 yd sprint followed by 6 CWMs and 9 plank jacks in cadence.  60 yd sprint followed by 3 CWMs and 12 plank jacks in cadence.  5 count recovery
  7. 40 yd sprint followed by 12 double wide merkins and 3 Freddy Mercurys in cadence. 40 yd sprint followed by 9 double wide merkins and 6 Freddy Mercurys in cadence.  40 yd sprint followed by 6 double wides and 9 FMs in cadence.  40 yd sprint followed by 3 double wides and 12 FMs.
  8. Recovery mosey 100 yds to the other end of the field.
  9. 20 yd sprint. 10 yd walk.  10 yd bear crawl.  20 yd sprint.  10 yd walk.  10 yd bear crawl.

If that sounds like a lot, it was.  YHC needs a nap just recollecting all that.  But we weren’t done….

The PAX moseyed over to the medicine ball for everyone’s favorite new game, Burpee Ball.  Thanks again Big Mitt!  The PAX made a circle and stood back to.  As each man passed the medicine ball, he then performed the following

Laps 1 & 2-1 burpee

Laps 3 & 4-1 double burpee

Laps 5 & 6-2 burpees

Laps 7 & 8-2 double burpees

Laps 9 & 10-3 burpees

At this point, YHC literally handed the ball back off to Dipstick to finish off the group with


X’s and O’s—X’s for 10, 15, 20, 15…O’s for 5

Freddy Mercurys (thanks Hoff) IC x20

Low Slow Flutters ic x20

American Hammer ic x20

After recovering from Mary, the PAX all volunteered to help pick up cones and equipment to head back to the cars.  Not sure if everyone wanted to be that helpful, or make us stop.  Either way, thanks!


Welcome to Tinker!  Great job today.  That was certainly not an easy one to show up for.

Tinkerbell Soiree at Rotary with Reef Donkey tomorrow.

Stampede at the Dockhouse in Beaufort with Madoff tomorrow.



Awesome to see Floppy Disc back at The Swashbuckler

Doogie and Jack Rabbit pushed and pushed and pushed all morning.  Great job men.

Great start to an F3 career for Egret.  Atta boy!

Flip Ova is a monster.  Do NOT piss him off.  If he goes on you, I’m not sure we have anyone that can pull him off.

TClaps to our visitors from off, Hoff and Nickelback.  They even came to 3rd F at Cox’s afterwards.  It was a pleasure gents.


Prayer Requests

Hoff’s brother

Dean Winchell, heart surgery

Nickelback’s brother and sister in law went into labor during 3rd F

We were taken out in COT by Floppy Disc who reminded us all and gave thanks for our daily gifts, and all of the spoken and unspoken thoughts on our hearts.  Thanks Floppy.


I have q’d several workouts during my time in F3 and the feeling of gratitude I feel for the opportunity to lead never gets old.  Thanks for allowing me to spend the morning with you.

Duck Butter