Green Flash – For those who don’t know and need to know, Green Flash is F3Raleigh’s newest Thursday workout. Zima & Deliverance are site Qs. Held at Green Elementary on Six Forks, south of Millbrook. ITBers can make the trek easily, so don’t get your thongs in a wad. Green has recently been rebuilt, and the campus is great for classic F3 beat downs. In fact, today was a prime example of keeping the pax close while still doling out plenty of running and pain. There will be no Q sign up sheet. Post and you can volunteer for the following week. Great group of guys posted today to check out what the campus has to offer. Here she goes…

Warmup COStretch
Good Morning
Side Straddle Hop
Imperial Walker

The Thang

Jog down the drive to the gates.
-Partner 1 sprints down to median, bear crawl around it, sprint back.
-Partner 2 does AMRAP Merkins.
Flapjack and repeat, switching from Merkins to Squats to Burpees.

Indian Run to front parking lot of school. Same partners.
-Partner 1 runs around the big median.
-Partner 2 does AMRAP Hand Release Merkins.
Flapjack and repeat, switching from HRM to Squat Jumps to Squat Thrusts.

Jog to side of school and find a spot on the table or ledges.

Box Jump OYO
High Quick Feet


Jog to basketball courts for suicides. Between each sprint set we did the following:
10 burpees
20 Merkin
30 flutter
40 squat
50 LBC

Jog to wall
People’s Chair 10 count around
Balls to the Wall 10 count around

Dying Cockroach
Box Cutter

Great time this morning. Great mixed group for what someone called a good old-fashioned beatdown. Think that’s what we’re going for here. Come on out and hang with us on Thursdays. D out.