A few minutes before 5:30 4 pax from Chapel Hill and Raleigh converged on Durham’s Herndon Park for a Tobacco Road beatdown. Our Durham brothers were missed but family vacations and call schedules wait for no man, so we got to it.

The Thang:

SSH x 25
Arm Circles x 10 each way
Imperial Walker x 20
Good Morning x 10
Windmill x 10
Mountain Climber x 20
Slow Merkin x 10
Willie Mays-Hayes x 10

Run to park entrance and back to start. Grab some low wall for:

Irkins x 10
Step-ups x 20
Irkins x 10
Step-ups x 30
Irkins x 10
Step-ups x 20

Run to far end of grass sports field for:

Merkin Pyramid (1, 2, … 9, 10, 9, … 2, 1. 100 total)

Usain Bolts (one man runs width of field and back, meanwhile other pax complete as many reps of the exercise the runner calls as possible) Various push/plank exercises called.

Bear Crawl width of field (as a group)

Usain Bolts the other way. Various ab exercises called.

Back to low wall for:

Slow Irkins x 10
Dips x 10
Slow Irkins x 8
Dips x 8
(repeato until each x 2)

Circle up for Epoxy’s Putin/Sarkozy merkins. Good stuff.



– Tclaps to the Raleigh pax for making the trip, always fun to show off the Churham AOs. If you know area men who need F3, send FNG prospects to F3DurhamChapelHill@gmail.com