With the humidity set on “High” and the disclaimer given, 20 Pax lined up for an athletic challenge supplemented by heavy weights, manly gear, and functional strength improvement. Or as we call it at Heavy Metal, “Thursday.”



  • Jog one lap around the park
  • SSH x 30

Pax then divide into 1’s and 2’s, each assigned to a circuit, and then partner up within each circuit for a little fellowship to coincide with the fitness.

Circuit 1: The Bear Crawl Combine – as many rounds as possible until time is called

  • Station #1: Bear Crawl Speed Ladder (Forward): one punch each square x 2, two punches each square x 2
  • Station #2: Bear Crawl Speed Ladder (Lateral): each hand in each square to the left x 2, to the right x 2
  • Station #3: Bear Crawl Speed Ladder (Ickey): two punches in / one punch out x 2, two punches in / two punches out x 2
  • Station #4: 3-Cone Bear Crawl: bear crawl sprint 5 yds, reverse 5 yds., 20 yds sprint around 3 cones back to start x 2
  • Station #5: Reverse Bear Crawl up the hill x 2
  • Station #6: 1/2 lap jog around the park

Circuit 2: We’ve hit the shoulders, how about we warm up the legs? (as many rounds as possible until time is called)

  • Station #1: Dumbbell Overhead Lunge Walks x 40 yds. (switch arms at halfway)
  • Station #2: Gun Show – Big 21’s w/ EZ Curl Bar, 45 lb. plate Overhead Tri Extensions x 20
  • Station #3: Front Rack Lunge-Squats x 10 (one rep = forward lunch, reverse lunge w/ same leg, squat), pick your poison with 80 lb. Heavy Pipe or 55 lb. kettlebell – it’s going to hurt regardless.
  • Station #4: Pull-ups x AMRAP (2 rounds)
  • Station #5: Squat & Press x 10 (dealer’s choice Sears Bar or straight barbell)
  • Station #6: 1/2 lap jog around the park

Circle up for some Mary

  • LBC x 50
  • Reverse LBC x 50
  • Believe-it-or-Nots x 30
  • High Slow Flutter x 40


  • Deadline to sign up for the Mud Run is July 15. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team – sign-up anyway and you will be found a team.
  • Tclaps to the pax for staying in cadence during Mary – pretty awesome to look around and see 20 guys knocking out work in unison. Not going to lie though, there were definitely some odd looks from passers-by during the “Believe-it-or-Not” segment.
  • Thanks to Money Hose for closing us out.