A nice warm morning greeted 13 men as they arrived for another True Grit beatdown. It was a rather silent gathering, with a bunch of half-awake, but familiar faces. No FNGs to be had this day, nor any Site Qs for that matter (Damn Shaggy Challenge). Good thing YHC just so happened to have the Dawn Patrol flag in the truck. So with that marvelous piece of Johnny Utah engineering firmly planted, we got this show on the road.

Circle up boys for Windmills x20, Prisoner Squats x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Standard Merkins x15, and before someone begins to think this isn’t an F3 Raleigh workout, SSH x15. Blood flowing, heart rate moving up, follow me.

Rocks and the Damn Hill
We moseyed down the trail and thru the fence to the base of that Damn Hill for a little rock work. Grab a good one, make sure you like it. You’ll be getting personal with it for a little while. Curls x15, Overhead Press x10, Rock Squats x15, and Tricep Extension Skull Crushers x10. Now you can drop your rock, and Bear Crawl that Damn Hill. And at the top, 15 Burpees OYO, and run back to your rock for a little plank work while we wait for all to return. Repeato all of the above x3 w/ descending burpees at the top, x10 and x5.

I shared some good news with the boys, with my old man knee still swollen and gravely, we wouldn’t be running much today. Instead, we’ll be doing more arm work. It is summer. And as my son likes to say “Suns out. Guns out.” So we returned our rocks and Bear Crawled that Damn Hill one more time. Then made a short jog over to the big field.

Non-Stop Merkin-o-Rama
YHC told the PAX to begin Fast Feet and keep moving as YHC calls the exercise, then do the exercise and recover back to Fast Feet, with some Knee-Ups thrown in every now and then for variety. Once everyone was moving, YHC called the next exercise, and it went something like this:
Fast Feet, Standard Merkins x10
Fast Feet, Wide-Grip Merkins x10
Fast Feet, Knee-Ups, Close-Grip Merkins x8
Fast Feet, Diamond Merkins x8
Fast Feet, Knee-Ups, Spider Merkins x8
Fast Feet, Knuckle Merkins x10
Fast Feet, take a break with Precision Squats x10
Fast Feet, at this point, with everyone’s heart rate way up there, YHC began asking the PAX to give us some Merkin we hadn’t done yet. These were their calls:
Fast Feet, Carolina Dry Docks x10
Fast Feet, Hand Release Merkins x10
Fast Feet, Stager Merkins x8
Fast Feet, The Nippler! x10

Thank the Lord for Mary
Have a seat, we’re done with Merkins. But we ain’t done, done. We still have some work to do. WWII Sit-ups x20, Heels to Heaven x20, LBCs x20, Slow-mo Flutters x20. Now we’re done.

Name-o-rama with your favorite childhood vacation destination memory. These included the beach, Kentucky, Vermont, Alaska, and a Western trip in the family truckster with wood paneling and all. YHC reminded the PAX to plan a trip and take it. Those are the things you remember about summer. Don’t let them slip away. Kentucky?

Announcements for the Mud Run (just sign-up), and the Mule (you can do it). Prayers for Fault’s friend and Friar Tuck, whose was having some passport issues. Safe travels buddy.

Until next time. Shaggy out.