5 PAX (1 being an FNG) arrived at Juggernaut to start their day off right.  Orwell was Q and led the group to one of the ball fields, which is where we stayed the entire time.  Prior to warm ups YHC told the PAX they would lead Cadence, and YHC would hold them accountable for Proper Cadence Count to include each up-front Exercise Announcement.   As added motiviation YHC told them each error would result in 5 Burpees that would be cummulatively done at the end of our main workout.  To Quote the Great Philosopher Johnny Utah….”Let’s Do This”!

Jog around entire ball field, then Indian Run 2X around entire ball field.  Established proper form on Indian Runs is not sprinting to the front until the guy ahead of you gets there.  Side note—-yesterday’s Indian Run at Dawn Patrol was done in the most improper way YHC has ever seen.  While many used bad Indian Run technique yesterday at Dawn Patrol, Wendell Gee of all guys (him being one of the founding Veterans of F3 Raleigh) destroyed completely Indian Run integrity as he sprinted to the front at pretty much the exact same time as the PAX in front of him.  WG, with all due respect we  expect (and frankly need) a better example from Raleigh F3 founding members.  The Juggernaut PAX held to perfect form and technique here and there were no Burpee penalties assessed.

Circle for stationairy warmups

  • Side Straddle Hops x 25   5 Burpee Penalty on not stating “Move”
  • Windmills x 20                    5 Burpee Penalty as Cadence Ct too fast
  • Fazio Arm Circles
  • Good Mornings                 5 Burpee Penalty as PAX forgot to say “In Cadence” prior to saying “Exercise”
  • Merkins 10-4 Counts
  • Imperial Walkers

Q now makes the F3 Disclosure…..add 5 Burpee Penalty to end total for this late add.

Main Workout

  • Birth Control Glasses (thanks again Gnobby for introducing this) around the basepath.  Split into 2 groups, with “resting group” doing Preacher’s Chair, Balls to the Wall and Plank during the BCG process.
  • Preacher’s Chair…2 10 counts…YHC asks for PAX to go 6″ lower….3 10 counts….nice burning in legs felt
  • Sprint to Outfield Fence and do 10-4 count Merkins
  • Wheelbarrow from infield grass to fence, flapjack and go back.
  • 25 Burpee Spanking (YHC can’t remember the 5th error).   Not too bad a punishment, but motivation to do better next time none the less


  • 25 A”merican” Hammers..with Cadence Count passed to PAX each 5 exercise.


  • FNG’s name was John Buff…led to Wax On…then Elbow Grease.   Think this is what Dredd means by a “one off”
  • 2 Devotions as listed below…one mirroring Les Nessman’s BB from Urban Jungle on being “dead”
  • Prayer took us out, with each individual Prayer request given to other individual PAX to Pray on.  1) Les Nessman…safe travels for his wife and her mission trip group to get back home 2) Save travels and God’s work accomplished by Friar Tuck and his mission group  2) Orwell’s company needing USCIS’s approval in order to start revenue flowing…strength and protection in his marriage in this time of walking 100% in Faith in regard to his business.



  1. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Romans 6:11

What are the things that arouse the strongest emotions in you? Perhaps it is a rude motorist who cuts you off in traffic. Perhaps it is the anger you feel when you are wrongfully accused. Perhaps it is frustration that results from not having enough money to meet perceived needs. When do emotions turn into sin? Anger itself is not sin. Jesus had righteous anger when they sold doves in the temple.

Whenever our peace is upset over events and circumstances in life, we have moved past emotions into sin. Sin says that circumstances of life now dictate anxiety, worry, fear, or anger. Consider the attributes of a dead man. He does not get angry when slandered. He does not worry about the future. He does not fear what can be done to him. Why? Because he is dead. Nothing can harm a dead man.

Christ said we are to live as if we are dead – dead to the temptation of responding to stimuli in our life that are designed to stir up the sinful nature that resides in each of us. We do not have to respond to that nature; we can consider it dead. Christ said He is enough. When He is our all in all, nothing can move us. If we are moved, then Christ is not our all in all. This does not mean we cannot have strong emotion about our circumstance, it means we do not sin. Christ had strong emotions in the Garden of Gethsemane, yet He sinned not.

  1. They shall mount up with wings as eagles (Isaiah 40:31).

There is a fable about the way the birds got their wings at the beginning. They were first made without wings. Then God made the wings and put them down before the wingless birds and said to them, “Come, take up these burdens and bear them.”

The birds had lovely plumage and sweet voices; they could sing, and their feathers gleamed in the sunshine, but they could not soar in the air. They hesitated at first when bidden to take up the burdens that lay at their feet, but soon they obeyed, and taking up the wings in their beaks, laid them on their shoulders to carry them.

For a little while the load seemed heavy and hard to bear, but presently, as they went on carrying the burdens, folding them over their hearts, the wings grew fast to their little bodies, and soon they discovered how to use them, and were lifted by them up into the air — the weights became wings.

It is a parable. We are the wingless birds, and our duties and tasks are the pinions God has made to lift us up and carry us heavenward. We look at our burdens and heavy loads, and shrink from them; but as we lift them and bind them about our hearts, they become wings, and on them we rise and soar toward God.

There is no burden which, if we lift it cheerfully and bear it with love in our hearts, will not become a blessing to us. God means our tasks to be our helpers; to refuse to bend our shoulders to receive a load, is to decline a new opportunity for growth. –J. R. Miller

Blessed is any weight, however overwhelming, which God has been so good as to fasten with His own hand upon our shoulders. –F. W. Faber

Thanks Les Nessman and Grady for letting me lead your site today










Proverbs 13:24He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.