As a former GK there was no question we would honor the Epic performance put on yesterday by Tim Howard and his radical Beard.  For Keepers it’s all to often that your best game ends in defeat, you know going into a game that your performance as good as it may be, might not determine the outcome of the game. That being said if you play poorly it will no doubt be the driver to defeat.  Its the life of a Keeper.  With that in mind Possum Trot honored the 16 saves by using the number 16 and giving everything we had while doing it…

The Thang

Warm Up- Jog Around the Park with High Knees and feet to butt, 16 X SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Good Mornings.

Jog down to the lower fields

16X The Dip, LR Step Ups, The Dip

Jog Over to the Hill Modified Jacobs Ladder with 8 Burpees down to one and 8 Hill Runs

Peoples Chair- 2 mins

Run up to the Tennis Courts(4 courts) 2 sets of Suicides first short to long, last long to short

Mary- 16 X WWIIs, 6 inch LH, Rosalitas, LBCs, 6 inch LH, Windshield Wipers, Windshield Wipers, 6 inch LH

COT- Mud Run Oct 5- Bret Michaels, Key West and Lipton are a group looking for one more, Peak Week, New Mexico are in with Nemo and Package from Columbia.  Mule Oct 25th.  Glad Wonderland could make it out!  Country Wide and others are going to start a pre-Prayer workout once a week they’ll tweet out or pre-blast out the work out to where the Prayer will be you don’t want to miss it plan on getting to work out about 20-30 mins early.  More to come on that.  Howard closed us out.