13 pax converged on the Martin MS parking lot for what was pre-blasted as “fun.”  The one disclaimer was “#dontbelate” because we were headed off-campus.  A few new faces to #HiFidelity were welcomed, and we were off.  Down Horton St to the Greenway for a left turn.

We circled up a ways into the run in our typical spot for a warm-up

  • WindMills x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Good Mornings x 16

Today, we have a simple exercise.  1/4 mile away and 80 feet up is the top of our hill.  See how many times you can get there in the next 30 minutes.  The pax “might consider” – heavy emphasis on the might – taking a 30 second break at the bottom for each repeat.  A little mumble chatter did not deter YHC from quickly yelling “GO!” and the fun truly began.

The legendary Tongue-and-Groove (he of sub-20 min 5k stardom) made his #HiFidelity debut and did not disappoint.  YHC bested him on climb one and two, but he passed me on the final uptick of climb 3 and put a good gap on me during recovery jog #3, and I never got close to him again.

I noticed that many did not observe the 30 sec guidance – strong, very strong.  Pace groups formed and there was banter and competitive spirit driving everyone to achieve more.  A few invisible shirts  appeared, and much exhaustion was observed. Most made it through 7 repeats in the allotted time.  Strong showing of support as several cut-off their last recovery stumble to accompany their brethren to the top for a final summit.  #respectforeachother#

As we gathered at the base after the repeats we took up the task of naming this hill – the “House Creek Bridge Climb” seems so sterile and non-F3 like.  This hill is similar to Sisyphus in many ways – same length, yet about 25 ft less ascent.  No initial switchback to throw you into the red zone.  Flatline pointed out that it was long, curvy, dangerous, and found in a swampy area – how about “The Copperhead”?  No other nominations were presented and all agreed that the naming was very appropriate.  We shall revisit and slay this beast again.

Lest we not forget, there was still a little matter of the Horton Hill that we needed to scale to get home to our cars.  A circle of stretches, and we were done by the appointed time.  All-in, 4.3 miles and over 700ft of total ascent.  Strong work in preparation for #brr.  A few more weeks of hill training before we resume SpeedWork again.  I know that this investment will payoff for all who have participated.

Announcements and Prayer Requests

  • Convergence on July 4th – Late Night and Juggernaut at 7am.  No other Raleigh workouts on Friday
  • Prayers for the family of Jim Young (Dufresne).  Visitation (Sat) and funeral services (Sun) are this weekend.  See the details here. Pray for strength, support, love, and peace for his family.

Fazio led us in prayer as we closed out the morning and went forth into the world.