YHC had been considering how to best commemorate my one year mark.  After grabbing the Q from someone a while back and talking it up for a few weeks, I was still unsure my course of action.  Though my m/o is to shoot from the hip, to see what the wind brings my way, with the hype I thought I should at least have a rough idea of how best to inflict a daily dose of pain worthy of the 12 month transformation I have undertaken.  Of all the ways to go, what was to come was, as always, new to me too.  Most notably to all was likely my absence in the parking lot leading up to the workout.  YHC, not having obtained the proper amount of rem, spaced the starting time and was slowly lollygagging my way to the a/o for a 6 am start time when the light bulb finally came on & I remembered starting time was 5:45.  Rolling the diesel in to the lot 4 minutes late, no PAX were in site, only a shiny new shovel flag planted.

The Thang:  YHC hopped out of the truck running, after crossing the tracks into the park, I fell into the circle with the PAX on the grass in front of the stage as New Mexico called a strong cadence of Merkins.  YHC in and New Mexico out, a quick 1-2 count off was called, 2 lines were formed, one to each side of the lake for an Indian Run that would meet back up on GPI.  On the run YHC learned that an IR had already been completed in the parking lot.  Assuming warm ups were complete we circled up for a brief overview of what YHC knew would lie ahead of us for the morning, the number 12 was all I could come up with, the rest we would all learn together.

Here we go:

12 Burpies OYO, recover on the run.  Back over the north bridge and up the stairs, we made our way to the rocks by the tennis courts.

Big Boy Jack Webb’s 11 Merkins + 1 rock lift = 12, 10 & 2, 9 & 3, you get the gist. Send your rock back to the pile.  Recover on the run.

Just around the corner to the tennis court side top of the half pipe to see how the number 12 could be utilized.  Interval runs to the other side and back, stopping at the bottom for 4, the top by the picnic shelters for 4, back at the bottom for 4 and back to the start to plank and wait for the PAX = 12. Merkins, King David Kicks, Peter Parkers, Squats, LBC’s, & Burpies.  Half of 12 being 6 and noting the YHC was about to smoke himself, recover on a mosey to the grassy area at the bottom of the hill.

On our backs for a few 12 counts of reverse LBC’s & Freddie Mercury’s.  Recover on the run to the top of the hill to the picnic shelter.

Dips x 12, L/R S/U x 12, repeto, recover on the run to the next shelter.

Irkins x 12

Jog over and down the stairs, around the carousel back up for a little Robert Plant, plank at the bottom and wait for PAX, thanks to NM for the idea to add a Chill Cut to our time.  Up and off to the grass for a little bit of Mary.

Mary: LBC’s x 12, American Hammer’s x 12, 6 inch L/H for a 12 count around the circle, DONE!

COT: Name-o-rama plus the month and year you started F3 and who brought you, great mix as always at the Forge.  The HS imparted to YHC, 2 Corinthians 5:17 “if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come”  Whether your new to F3 or it’s old hat to you, a relationship with Christ can take the old away and give you a fresh start.  F3 has been an avenue to show that principal at work in my life, though I still have a way to go, the old Country Wide is gone (probably 30lbs. or so) the new is here, and being renewed daily.  Thanks for the men of F3 who have walked with me this past year and continue to push me in the gloom.  If you don’t know Christ ask someone who does, they’d be happy to introduce you.

Soon to come; Extra Debt, along the same lines as Extra Credit, Higgins and I will begin a pre-workout prayer time once a week prior to a workout, 15 minutes or so.  Still working out the specifics, but very low structure, a chance to lift up prayer concerns and to give praises for those prayers answered.  This is NOT a bible study or an organized lesson about a specific topic, just a chance to gather with F3 brothers and lift concerns to the Throne of Grace and praise our Heavenly Father.  More to come soon.

Grease Monkey led us out with a mighty prayer.

Thanks to all who celebrated with me, my next anniversary I’ll take the Q at True Grit.