YHC must confess…I forgot I was scheduled to Q True Grit this AM and am thankful for a couple reminders from my fellow PAX.  As I was driving home from Greenville, SC Monday evening, I was thinking through some ideas on how best to utilize the site we have come to love at Shelley Lake.  Well, what better way than to keep the tempo up with a knod to the US team and their big game today.  16 PAX (w/ 1 FNG) posted for this week’s rendition of True Grit…Props go to “Screech” for the best outfit…love the pirate doo-rag…Seriously, F3 has turned this guy into an animal…  Also to Cornholio and Shaggy for running 2 miles just to post on time!  Let’s do this…

The Thang

Warm-ups:  SSH x25 / Imperial Walkers x20 / Jog up the hill on Millbrook – stop halfway and finish with Lunge Walk to the top of the hill / Turn right and form 2 lines facing each other  – Next exercise is:  Mountain Climbers x 30 / Carolina Dry Docks x15 – Count off = 16… perfect…follow me

Fast pace run down the steep hill heading towards the boat house / Stop for some wall work as follows:  Peoples Chair (16 count down the line) / Raise Right Leg (repeat 16 count down the line) / Raise Left Leg (Repeat 16 count) / Balls to the Wall merkins x 5 / Recover and stretch quads

Fast pace run to wooden bridge / Partner up for Wheelbarrow race – 1st partner goes halfway then flapjack for the 2nd half of the bridge / Squat hold at the end of the bridge for the rest of the PAX / Recover and stretch groin area

Fast pace run for another distance of varying kind / plank hold for rest of PAX [who were breathing quite heavily by now with the up tempo pace] / 10 merkins in cadence / Recover

Fast pace run for another distance of varying kind / LBC’s x 20 once all PAX arrived / Partner up / Partner carry until YHC calls flapjack (about 50 yards for each partner) / Recover / Form 2 lines of 8 each

Indian Run for about 1/4 mile? to the back of Shelley Lake and the bridge / Stop at the Rock Pile and pick a Rock

  • Curls x 15 – hang and stretch w/rock to recover
  • Press x 15 – hang and stretch w/rock to recover
  • Tricep Extensions x 15 – hang and stretch to recover

This is when I called an audible and decided to name this return set the “Clint Dempsey”

  • Curls x 8- no break
  • Press x 8 – no break
  • Tricep Extensions x 8 – no break (Put rocks away)

Fast pace run to top of the bend [YHC noticed we had a PAX falling back so we waited and planked].  Once PAX arrived, we put ‘said PAX’ on some shoulders and had him carried while the rest jogged up ahead and performed Prisoner Squats while waiting / Brief recovery

Fast pace run for at least 1/4 mile across other bridge / Plank hold while waiting for PAX to arrive / Walk over to the grass and stare at our goal at least 200 yards away [Pull-up Bars]

AYG Sprint across the grass to our goal / Circle up for Mary and Pull up combo

Pull-ups – 2 PAX at a time perform 10 pullups while the rest do various Mary exercises as follows:

  • Ski Abs x 20
  • In and Outs x 10
  • Bicycle (forward x 10 / reverse x 10)
  • Crunchy Frog x 10
  • LBC’s x 10
  • Reverse LBC’s x 10
  • Oblique V-up’s (Right x 10 / Left x 10
  • American Hammers x 20


NOTE:  with the new 530 start time, YHC completely forgot that we were supposed to end at 615… various PAX started reminding me that my watch was off…at which point I called for American Hammers to finish strong in overtime.  Hopefully the USA will pull out this win today in convincing fashion.


  • Special schedule for July 4 on Friday – ONLY 2 Workouts in Raleigh – Late Night & Juggernaut – both at 0700
  • SIgn up is live for the Fall Mud Run – Takes place on Saturday, October 4 – This is the ‘Super Bowl of F3’ – expecting 750 Pax from across the F3 Nation this time around – sign up here  – DEADLINE IS 7/15 – Just sign up – #nimblepanda
  • LOTS of new workout the last few months – check out revised schedule below and map page here:
  • Shaggy Challenge – Hit all the workouts in Raleigh and win some #respect
  • Jim ‘Dufresne’ Young passed away last week after a courageous 5+ year battle with Lyme Disease.  During the time he was with us in F3, he could not walk or talk, and still he was able to move and inspire those who came to know him in a way beyond words.  Despite his heroic efforts to fight it, the disease slowly and methodically crept in and destroyed our brother’s body, and ultimately ended his Earthly life, but it certainly never touched his Spirit, and through it all he found a way to smile until the very end.  Those who went to see him as part of Hopebuilder are forever changed by the opportunity to serve him and his family, and in doing so became a part of something much greater than any of us would have imagined when this started last year.  F3 owes a tremendous debt to Dufresne and his family for allowing us to live in service to something greater than ourselves and we are forever grateful.  However, this is only a transition to the next chapter in the story, please continue to stay tuned in, you are still needed.  Read more here:
  • PAX please be aware and check for ticks anytime you’ve been outside or wandering through grass, woods, etc.
  • HUGE shoutout to our newest PAX – 14 yr old “Rod Roddy” – 2.0 of Showcase.  He kept up with the fast pace very well today.  My apologies for the snide remark to the mumblechatter about my watch being off during Mary…look forward to seeing him again soon

Prayer Requests:  MDufresgne and her family during this difficult time, Safe travels for all PAX during this holiday week

MoleSkin:  YHC shared that on this week in history (July 1-3) our country has much to remember for the sacrifice of freedom.  Specifically, the signers of the Declaration of Independence put their lives at much risk when they put fountain pen to parchment.  Many lost their property and much more.  They were community leaders who stood up to tyranny in their time and we should remember that freedom does not come without a cost.  Jesus Christ gave us freedom by giving up his very life so that we might live with him.  Let us reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  I leave you with this quote from our 40th President:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” 
― Ronald Reagan

Tony Robbins closed us out with a strong prayer