It was a soupy Monday morning in the gloom and the weekend was poised to take it’s revenge on the pax. The anticipation for my first Q had been building all week, which caused me to throw at the pax as much as that 45 minutes would let me. Determined not to be undone by this Warbaby, they were up to the challenge…

The thang…

Warm up Fellowship Jog

SSH x 20
Windmills x 20
Sir Fazio arm circles x 10 / reverse x 10
Standard Merkins x 20

Count off in 1’s and 2’s
Jog to one end of the parking lot

-1’s sprint to other end, 10 jump squats, sprint back
-2’s are doing lunges in cadence until 1’s return

Count off in 3’s (this break was welcomed)

Jog to playground parking lot
3 station circuit:
-Run down and up sisyphus
-Alternating 5 pull ups / 10 push ups until
hill runners return
-Bear Crawl suicides on tennis courts, 4 lines, 5 burpees
after each line, continue until hill runners return
Finished one full rotation

Circle up on tennis courts
Drydocks and arm raises ratio 1:4 for 4 minutes
Reached 6 drydocks and 24 arm raises

Few minutes of Mary
LBC’s x 40
Freddie Mercury’s X 30
1 min plank for White Shoe
(Who is not dead for any new guys, just in recovery)

-New workouts beginning this week
7/24 Hi-Fidelity at Martin Middle School 5:45 / running specific
7/28 Catalyst at Carroll Middle School 7:00 / Boot Camp

Thanks again for being such a strong pax at my first Q, look for more to come…