Come one, come all – runners of all abilities and paces are encouraged to join us for some track work.  Plenty of recovery time and encouragement abounds.  Hi-Fidelity is 5:45a on Wednesday @ Martin Middle School on Ridge Road. Please park in the Visitor lot off of Horton St. Same entrance as the track, but turn right immediately into the Visitor lot. The maintenance guys have been showing up as we are leaving, so I want them to have full access to the Service lot.

This week at Hi-Fidelity

Mixed distance repeats  4 sets of (200m R with 200m jog, 200m R with 400m jog, 800m R with 400m jog) – Total:  5 miles plus some warm-up

  • For a guide to your target pace, please see– based upon your latest or recent best race performance.
  • All work is at R-pace, and recovery jogs are fellowship pace / walking. The goal is to be fully recovered for the next effort.
  • My 21:18 in a 5k in December translates to a 6:16/mile pace for these sets. = 46 sec for the 200, and 3:08 for the 800.
  • If you have not run a race in the past 6 – 12 months, a 25:00 5k is probably a good target and we can adjust from there.  = 54 sec 200m and 3:36 for the 800m
  • The goal for Repeat-training (R) is to improve running efficiency and test the anaerobic system at “faster than 5-k race pace”. The early sets might feel manageable, but you want to be able to finish the last set at the target pace with strong form.
  • The key to these running workouts is to push yourself, but we need to be cautious for injuries. If you work too hard, too soon, or for too long, you risk injury. So, let’s play it safe.  Be realistic on your expectations for pace and time. Use your current fitness level, not a target race time.

See you in the Gloom!    – Enron