At about 3:30 in the morning in the Queen City, 4 mature centurions strapped into their luxury chariot and headed East to impart wisdom to a growing colony in the Heart of Carolina.  Once in the clean clean air that permeates the kingdom of ITB, they stealthily approached some early morning joggers, who happened to be heading to the same place, ultimately, as our protagonists.  One of our heroes stuck his head out of the window of the chariot and released a visceral snarl that would only be recognized as a fellow F3er as an amicable early morning greeting.  Arriving with time to spare, they performed a recon mission on the park in preparation for battle.  Once the clock struck 7 we were all anxious to get started, all 56 of us.

The Thang

OBT Leading

Jog to grassy area for warmup CoP: Flutter Kicks to Dollies to LBCs; SSHs Merkin’s to Mountain Climbers.

Jog over bridge to far side of pond, along far side to double bridge. Lunge walk over first bridge; crab walk around gazebo on island in between bridges; bear crawl over second bridge. Plank rotation while everyone finishes.

Run past carousel and up hill to HotBox Picnic Shelter. Squats while waiting for 6.

HotBox 11s: Jump-ups and dips.

Hand off to SF.

10x merkin
10x diamond
10x wide arm
10x CDD
10x stagger Rt
10x stagger Lt

Court Work
RD 1
Partner 1 Merkins
Partner 2 Sprint 3 courts and back
Flap Jack
RD 2
Partner 1 Burpees
Partner 2 Sprint 3 courts and back
Flap Jack
RD 3
Partner 1 Jump Squats
Partner 2 Sprint 3 courts and back
Flap Jack
RD 4
Partner Wheelbarrow 3 courts (crowd pleaser)
Flap Jack
RD 5
Partner 1 Merkins
Partner 2 Sprint 3 courts and back
Flap Jack

Hand off to the Nant’an

Williams Roy – Jog around back to amphitheater, interspersing jog with exercises allowing everyone to catch up and stay together.

6 Minutes of Mary

People’s Chair, Squats, Partner Squats, 1 Legged Squats


Naked Moleskin

  • It was awesome to have Dredd, OBT, Crotch Rocket and Swamp Fox make the trek here to lead our largest Saturday workout ever
  • Prayers for Tooth Fairy’s cousin, Tim
  • NEW: Hi-Fidelity Wednesdays Martin Middle School 0545 – LIVE NOW
  • NEW: Catalyst Saturdays Carrol Middle School 0700 – 8/4 Launch
  • Stay Tuned, more new workouts coming soon to a place near you
  • HH – Thursday This Week (7/25) – Player’s Retreat – 7:30 pm
  • Au Pair is the new Site Q for Pullen – tell him when you want to be QIC – step up
  • Continue to pray for M White Shoe as she endures living with WS during recovery
  • Keep coming out, keep bringing others, keep getting better