There are legends of monsters in lakes, giants in forests, and PAX whom exist in F3.  Yes, we have seen these PAX a long long time ago, but you question reality when you never see them in person month after month, despite your best efforts to post at their workouts.  We are not talking about being omnipresent, nor are we talking about dual personalities, instead we are talking about Coach Doherty and CK who last met in February and have never been seen together in the same place since…Until Saturday.

The warmup:
SSH x25
Good mornings x20
IW x15

Partner up for 1 mile Merkin tag:
A – starts jogging, B – 7 Merkins then catch up to A

At the conclusion of a mile and about 100 merkins, we congregated and tackled the challenge:
50 hand release merkins
50 yard lung walk
50 yard sprint

Half hour is up, Coach D takes over and delivers his plan:
Toe Touches (dying cochroaches) x50
Low Slow Flutter x25
LBC x50

head to the field for circuits on the clock.
round 1 – 1 minute at each station:
Sandbag deadlift to overhead
WWII situps
Rock curls
Ruck Log squats

Round 2 – 30 seconds at each station (replace ruck log squats with merkins)


tclaps to the ruckers – way to take it to the next level