YHC arrived to quite the crowd shortly before the scheduled start time, to what would ultimately be a pax of 27 for a Late Night stroll.  Seeing many of the regulars, some unfamiliar, and having noted the start time was upon us.  YHC, having been informed of the all veteran status, gave what could be construed as a disclaimer, or more simply an introduction and one simple instruction, and so it began.

The Thang:  A run in a different direction than normal, out to Anderson, up towards Six Forks and behind the old white office buildings for our first COP.

Warm Ups: SSH x 39 (happy 39th to me), good mornings x 15, Sir Fazio arm circles F & R x 10, imperial walkers x 15, R&R.

Back out to Six Forks heading south towards Wake Forest road, but not too far before YHC led us back towards the creek and green way.  As usual, YHC’s MO is to shoot from the hip, once behind the Kroger and noticing a great wall for a little work, the call was made to find a spot for Peoples Chair as the pax trickled in.  Once settled in YHC hailed the end of the line of 27 to start a 5 count all the way through.  Then it was up for a little BTW merkins x 10, and back to our feet for a little R&R.

Finding the back of the last shopping center to be a good spot for a little pain, YHC led us into the next for another COP, this time we would work out a LBC pyramid by 5’s to 30 and back.  And back to the jog for a little R&R.

Now heading towards Wake Forest road between the shopping center and the car dealership, YHC banked a hard right into the dealership, heading to the first familiar territory of the day.  Finding our way through the sea of shiny rides and windows with stickers, YHC led us down a set of wooden stairs back to the green way path. Once there a short plank-o-rama was called, straight into Makhtar Ndiaye’s x 10 (sorry for the asphalt). Back up for a little more R&R, but not to far and we we’re yet again in familiar territory.

Finding our  way to the big parking lot off the green way, to the back corner to find a rock to spend some time with. Curls for the girls x 15, squat presses x 15, bicep extensions x 15, and merkins x 15, and repeat the rock work x 12.  Back to the green way for some more R&R.

Lunge walk the first bridge, bear crawl the next, and head back towards the start.  YHC having some time keeping issues, realized we still had 10 minutes to spare, made the call to head straight back into the gloom.

Back the way we came and into Kiwanis to the fence of the first field for another round of peoples chair for a 5 count through, and a little more running to get us back to where we started for our last COP.

Mary: Star Gazers x 5 count around the circle, and hammers x 20, done!


As YHC continues to embrace the suck, running seems to have been the theme of the day.  And though “running sucks” may be YHC’s motto, YHC feels as though he needs to keep the entire pax in mind during his Q’s.  YHC will make a conscious choice to include more pain stations durring his next Q.

COT:  YHC recalled his BSF class that has just begun this year to the pax, and how durring the days course of pain, YHC was reminded that as the pax went a different direction than normal, so Moses found himself on an unfamiliar path.  That when we find ourselves on an unplanned journey, to embrace the message God has for us there, that the lessons we are to learn in the unexpected times, God may very well use to His glory in future spiritual encounters in our lives.  Embrace the lessons of the valley!

Not much for prayers and announcements, Electrolux led us out in prayer.