A Pax of 21 meet in the Gloom to take on a workout designed for a 21 year old. YHC arrived early to get prep for the Q only to find a PAX of 8 eager to start the beat-down. This Dawn Patrol group enjoys their fellowship before and after but would not have a chance for much mumble-chatter during. (even Costco).

The Thang:

Warm Up: Jog around parking lot to the curb for quick feet x 40. Continue to basketball court line up on sideline, after each exercise sprint to opposite sideline and back. Add additional sprint after each exercise. Good-morning x15, sprint. Imperial walker x 20 Sprint x2, Windmill x 15 Sprint x3, Merkin x12 sprint x4.

Jog back to Parking lot for BMS: Pax runs to each parking spot line for Burpee, sprint to next line for Merkin, next line for jump squat. Pax starts at 1 and adds 1 after each set of 3 exercises going to 10: This was no easy mumble-chatter ended quickly.

Jog around parking lot to rock pile grab a rock and hit the wall;
All exercised done with rock, pass rock to your left after each exercise: Peoples chair, squats, Peoples chair with curls, curls, Peoples chair hold rock in front, tricep extension, peoples chair american hammer with rock, bent over row, Peoples chair hold rock above head, squats.

Run to soccer field for sprints length of field x5. Circle up for 10 (I think) minutes of Plankfest.:

Plank, merkins x10, Plank, Ski Abs x15, Plank, Mountain Climbers x 15, Plankorama, diamond merkins x8, Nipplers x 20, Chillcut, Plankorama, Low Plank Hold, any requests? Silence, Plank, Chilcut, recover.

Jog to basketball court for Mary. Box Cutter x15 , Dying Cockroach x15, Fred Merc x 15. 6 inch leg hold round the circle 10 count.


COT: Namearama, Several Prayer Requests, Announcements see website.

T claps to the PAX and Shaggy and Costco for the opportunity to Lead the PAX. No better way to start the day, Q adrenaline lasted through lunch.