11 PAX gathered for a 45 themed workout, belated 45th birthday Q for YHC.  Disclaimers.  Let’s go, no I didn’t say Mosey.  Lap of parking lot and then to baseball field.

Warmup: SSH 15, WM 15, IW 15 (45 total)

The Thang:

Split location: Half of group to one of 2 locations for 15 reps, back home for 5 burpees, then to 2nd location for 15 reps and back home for 10 burpees (3 rounds= 45 reps at each location & 45 burpees)

Location 1- merkins, plankjacks & carolina dry docks  Location 2- air squats, MCs & monkey humpers

Run to fences between fields:

BTW- 15 count x3, bear crawl to other fence, People’s Chair- 15 count x3 then crab walk to other fence, BTW- 15 count x3 then army crawl to other fence, defensive slide-backpedal-defensive slide between fences.

Run to picnic area:

45 Boxer-style LR step-ups, 25 urkins/20 durkins (45 reps)

Rockwork- 15 curls, 15 squat press, 15 tricep ext- run 1 to top of hill, touch fence and back, repeat x2

Mary: 15 WWII situps, 15 FMs, 15 DCs (45 total), 45 American Hammer, Plank- 15 count x3

Isaiah 45:8 Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness flourish with it; I, the Lord, have created it.

Announcements: Good Friday AO at Juggernaut same time, Tinkertoy workday at F3 land 4/7.

Prayers: B&E buying a house, Nacho Libre & wife had a baby girl.

YHC took us out in prayer.