As the first dew fell over the Crick’s luscious fields, 7 brave regulars entered the cloudless gloom to tackle another morning of hard work.  This morning, YHC wanted to get away from the BRR training mentality and focus on the guns. The disclaimer was given and off we went…

Sprint to end of soccer field, gather, then bear crawl back.
SSH until all PAX arrive and sprint back to far end.

Grass mats x15
Spider Merkins x10
Grass mats x15
Cork screw Merkins x10
SSH x15

The Thang:
Indian run at an inspired pace across the street to Walgreens parking lot where the PAX were greeted with a “dirty dozen” parking spots.

Stage 1
Plank walk between each spot,with the following work at each painted line:
#1: Standard Merkins x1 (10); air squats until all PAX have finished.
#2: Burpees x1 (10); air squats
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 (forward)
#3: Single-leg push-ups x1 (10); air squats
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 (reverse)
#4: Single-leg burpees x1 (10); air squats
LBC’s IC x20
Rosalitas x40

Stage 2
Partner up (size didn’t matter) and bear crawl between every other spot.

#1  At each line, perform partner assisted Derkins x1 (10) and squat hold while all PAX complete. (Odd man out crawls and does Standard Merkin x1)
#2 Repeato; odd man out rotates in,etc.
#3 5 line suicide at full speed.

“Long slow jog” over to the school building; balls to the wall for 10 count, each PAX.

Reverse LBC’s x25
American Hammers x25


Prayer Requests:
– For those who are injured that have not been able to join us recently
– Vanderbeek’s M’s Uncle
– Kanye’s M’s co-worker who is having brain surgery this morning.
– Hush Puppy’s family

Strong work by all PAX at the Crick this morning! We successfully and continually punished our shoulders from the very beginning. The Sir Fazio Arm Circles were a game-time addition due to Brirkenstock’s mumble chatter, which YHC happen to pick up on… #Qhearsall

As the days begin to shorten and the temperature begins to drop, another inherent challenge presents itself. Bring on the cold weather!

I’d like to recognize our brother Erie. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, he joined us just over a month ago after seeing a Craigslist ad and has posted at least five times a week since. His dedication and work ethic is admirable. Aye!!

It’s always a pleasure to lead men of this strength and caliber.