This title and the associated picture really have no relevance to our workout this morning, but it’s funny as hell. It’s a still shot from the Coen Brothers classic Raising Arizona. This is a movie more quotable than anything Cousin Eddie ever offered up in Christmas Vacation. If you don’t know this scene, Hi and Ed(short for Edwina) are having Hi’s foreman Glenn and his family over for dinner. They have a litter of kids who are destroying Hi’s trailer home in suburban Tempe. Glenn is standing around telling dumb jokes & eating peanuts when the camera pans over to this kid writing “fart” on the wall in charcoal. Glenn turns to Hi and says, “Buford’s the sly one. He already knows his ABCs. Hit da deck, boy”. Then he chunks a handful of peanuts at his dimly lit son. Now, I didn’t chunk peanuts at the PAX this morning, but we did hit da deck a few times. Here’s what went down. Oh, and if you’re ever looking to rename YHC, I’ll gladly take Nathan Huffhines

The Thang
Jog to base of Lourdes hill and circle up
SSH x 20
GM x 20
IW x 20-dodge cars
Burpee x 10 OYO

Bear crawl the hill to the speed limit sign, 30 merkins, jog down, 10 deep squats. Repeat with 20 merkins, 20 deep squats. Repeat with 10 merkins, 30 deep squats.


Jog back to greenway and take it past the fenced field and thorough the tree line to the open field near the picnic shelter. Partner up.

Partner 1 stays put and does AMRAP merkins while partner 2 sprints to the wood posts and back. Flapjack back and forth until total count of merkins reaches 100. Repeat above except substitute star jumps for merkins.

Jog to the shelter and find a spot at a table for a bent Chong Li special
Box jumps x 20
Incline merkin x 20
Decline Peter Parker x 10 #burner
Repeat twice

Mosey to the fence and find a spot
People’s chair x 20
Balls to the wall x 20
People’s chair x 30
Balls to the wall x 30
Burpees x 20 OYO

Jog back to entrance

American Hammer x 50

Naked Moleskin
Great job by the PAX today. YHC commented on this being the 7th anniversary of becoming a father(Happy 7th birthday Lucy), and expressed his sincere pleasure in being able to be a Dad. Whether we are all fathers or not, we have parents and grandparents who have had that experience. Grace abounds from the tie that binds parent to child. YHC asked the PAX to reflect on parenthood and family as they go through the day, as we are all lucky to have some aspect of family in our lives.

Labor Day workouts, 7 AM at Zero Hour & Crucible. BRR coming up. 9/11 stair climb at Crabtree. Mud Run 10/4 – sign up! Mule 10/25 – post.

An honor and privilege to lead you men today. I’ll leave you all with these parting words, juvenile as they may be, also from raising Arizona. “Son…you got a panty on your head.”