After a brief reminder to my fellow kettle bell handlers about the dangers of letting a 40# steel ball hit you in the leg, I fell victim to my own complacency. No worse for the wear.

Warm Up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings

The Thang:

  • Round Swings x10 each direction
  • 2 Handed Swing x20
  • Figure 8 x20
  • Squat to Lat Pull x15
  • Crusher Curls x15
  • Triceps Extensions x10
  • Single Arm Clean/Press x10 each side

Jog around the Cat House to loosen up again.

  • Single Arm Swings from inside of leg to outside of leg (see warning at top of page) x20
  • Side Shuffle Squat-to-Lat-Pull x10 each direction
  • Crusher Curls x15
  • Triceps Extension x10
  • Single Arm Clean/Press x10 each side

Move down to picnic tables:

  • Single Arm Rows x10 each side
  • Single Arm Press from prone position x10 each side
  • KBLBCs x20
  • Heels to Heaven with weight overhead x20
  • Two Handed Swings x20



  • The Blitz will soon be moving locations from Fletcher Park to Carrol Middle School (back parking lot). Time will remain the same but will be a full 45 minute workout. Date of move TBD.
  • 9/11 Stair Climb: Taking place at Crabtree Valley Mall, back parking deck, 0530 start time.
  • 2nd F on Fridays, 5:00 pm at Ridgewood Beer and Wine