3 pax got some extra credit pullups.  YHC had HC’d for this and then pulled out last minute due to some kids up at 1:30 am screaming issues.  That 30 minutes of extra sleep was just what YHC needed to pull off a nearly merkin-free Monday painfest for the 11 pax who rolled in for the main event.


Warmup – SSH, good mornings, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, merkins

Yog (with a soft J) to the new parking deck.  YHC wiped some tears of nostalgia from his eyes as he fondly thought back to the days of Top Shelf.  This workout was no corkscrew, but let’s just say it was born in the same zip code.

Apparently the ground floor is actually the 2nd floor in this new deck.  The yog proceeded down, down, down to floor zero (who numbered this?).  The workout was pretty simple.  20 jump lunges (10 each leg), 50 flutter kicks, 50 air squats, backwards run up the ramp to the next level, and repeat.  Only a few wrinkles.  YHC forgot to stop at 25 cadence counting the first round, so we did 30.  We did a few rounds of 10 count around supermans instead of air squats.  And the last round we did 100 air squats and an extra round of flutter kicks.


– I don’t know if you heard me counting, but we did over 450 flutter kicks, 400 air squats, and maybe 80 jump lunges each leg.  And 20 merkins.  And 10 mountain cimbers.  But who’s counting?
– It’s boring, but it’s a part of our lives.