The virtual flag was planted and nine PAX members set out to get faster. Here’s what we did:

– Ran 3.5 miles;
– Merkins – 175;
– LBCs – 175;
– Squats – 175;
– Star-Jumps – 100;
Ended with some Mary.

Winner: I’m not sure what happened. I guess several teams won? I’ll chalk it up to a leadership fail. It appeared that Fazio/Au Pair and Lamp/T&G were the winners but they went all Gen X on me saying that “we are all winners”. Wrong. YHC will do better the next time with directions.

Naked Moleskin:

– Thanks to the boys from Fuquay for heading up to THE JUDGE. Great to have ya!
– Au Pair didn’t don a headband this morning so I guess that’s a seasonal look. I would have pegged him for a fashion guy but it appears the headband had function.
– KD ruined the grounds around the Dojo this morning. We’ll avoid that area at Whiplash on Saturday.

– Mule and Cut Me Mick’s event. Do it.

– Lamps paralegal’s mom passed away. Keep her in your prayers.

New Mexico took us out!

Good work this AM boys!
Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3.