Since I had the rope ladders from Tarp, I planned to use them for multiple workouts, particularly since the same people don’t hit ZH and Juggernaut and many have never been exposed to the ladders during an F3 workout.  Routine pretty close to Monday with a few variations.  Again, helps to do a BB sooner so you can remember who was there (or maybe remember to record the names)….you’d think I could remember 5 people besides myself!!!  Anyway, here goes BB 3 of 5 that I owe the site.   Reps may be a little off, but they’re close enough to get the idea.

Warmup – Jog down the entry road to the rock pile to find a rock you’ll keep with you the entire workout.  Jog back to car area for: SSH x 12; GM x 12; Fazio x 12 each arm; Curls x 12.  12 chosen a the number of the day to honor the Orioles scoring 12 runs the previous night.  Too bad Les Nesmann wasn’t even there.  YHC even brought 007’s black dry fit O’s shirt that I would have worn had he been there….too bad.

Move to other side of the parking lot to find rope ladders and cones.  Station 1:  three rope ladders separated by 3 sets of 4 zig zag cones.  Through first ladder as you wish, back and forth on cones as you wish, plank walk merkins in each square of middle ladder (sorry, I put the longest ladder in the middle again), zig zag cones, through final ladder as you wish, zig zag cones, then run back to start.  Repeat as many times in 5 min.  Next, move to station 2:  sprints down long stretch of road (approx 60 yds) for 12 merkins at the cones.  Run back for 12 merkins at the start cones.  Continue back and forth for 5 minutes with merkins at each end.  It was a lot of merkins.

Find your rocks for 12 reps of curls, presses, and tricep extensions.  Set rocks down and run parking lot lines similar to M Runs….I guess they’re “paint the lines”.  Upon return, grab rocks for more for more curls, presses, and extensions x 12.

Return to ladders and sprint stations.  Repeat both stations except 12 prisoner squats rather than merkins and no required plank walk merkins.  Simply get through ladders / cones as fast as you can without repeating a ladder maneuver on consecutive ladders.  5 minutes of each again.

Rocks for one final set of curls, presses, extensions x 12.  I believe we hit picnic area for derkins / irkins, but I could be wrong.  Carry rocks back to rock pile down the entrance road for Mary done down there.

Mary / COT: Flutter, box cutters, and hammers.   End with merkins x 12.

Mule Oct 25.  Closing prayer.