2003 to 2014
2003 vs 2014

I was 33 when my first daughter, Coley was born in 2003. I weighed 187 pounds and couldn’t put my socks on without strategic maneuvering. F3 Raleigh didn’t exist so my only choice was to train for a race, the 2004 Marine Corp Marathon. I lost 35 pounds during 6 months of training but as a sad clown, I didn’t push myself resulting in an average time. Between 2004 -2013, I ran more than 40 races but my weight, fitness level and results showed little improvement because I had no one to train with; no one to push me beyond my comfort zone.

After an invite from Au Pair, I posted at North Hills for the first time in June of 2013. Since then, I’ve recorded personal bests in 8ks and half marathons, participated in a Tough Mudder with other PAX, the Blue Ridge Relay, the USMC Mud Run, the Mule, the Ram, posted over 300 times in Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond and Wilmington and Q’d over 30 workouts.

To F3 Raleigh and the F3 Nation, I couldn’t have done it without you. Today, I turn 45 and I’m in the best shape of my life. I expect to say this every birthday for many years to come. T-claps to you! – Costco

SSH x 45
Merkins x 45
Windmill x 45

Mosey to the soccer field (Odds on left, Evens on right side of field)
1st down – High knees to end, 10 burpees OYO
Run backwards, 10 burpees OYO then plank when you’re done

2nd down – Karaoke to end, 20 merkins
Karoke back, 20 merkins in cadence then plank

3rd down – Sprint to end, 30 Freddie Mercury’s in cadence
Sprint back, 30 Freddie Mercury’s

4th down – Shuffle to end, 40 LBC’s in cadence
Shuffle back, 40 LBC’s in cadence

Team 1 Balls to the Wall
Team 2 Bear crawl to the centerfield fence and sprint back

Team 1 People’s Chair
Team 2 Sprint to center and run back backwards

A quick run around the bases for fun…

Odds on 1 side, Evens on other
Run to the end and shoot a layup while team starts with an exercise
Winning person calls next exercise
Run until all go

Circle up and each Pax calls out an exercise. Duck Duck Goose style.

Welcome FNG’s Blue Oyster and Mr Bigglesworth.