As YHC set off this AM to Guest Q The Forge I thought how can I really stick it to Epoxy?  There’s no better way to achieve this than to have him bow down to the Glory of The Great State University of North Carolina.  With this in mind I cranked up the Blood Bros First Blood Remix and jammed from the Quay to the Park.  As YHC waited for the other Wolves to join me in the Gloom I anticipated a strong showing and the PAX of 18 did not disappoint.  Even Epoxy came Red shirt and all with 007 in tow.  Hopefully the boy learned a thing or two, F3 is no One Man Wolfpack!!!

The Thang…

Warm Up- Indian Run up to the Back Circle at the Park- 25 X SSH, 20X Imperial Walkers, 20X GMs

Run up the hill to Pullen Rd then down to the hill below the Theater in the Park- Bent Jacob- break up into 2s 1s do Burpees while the 2s run the hill, switch, do this 2 more times, then switch to Merkins to finish the Bent Jacob.

Run up to the Bell Tower- Bow down Heels!!  We did BOYOs X 20 to honor this Mighty “Legend in Stone” and “The State University of North Carolina”, there was some chatter as to if Epoxy would fulfill this instruction but he succumbed to the Awesomeness and broke down bowing before the Tower.

Run back down Pullen Rd to the Tennis Courts.  2 min Peoples Chair, last min with Hands Up, 30 second Balls to the Wall.

Run over to the pile of rocks beside the Tennis Courts- Grab a Rock- 15X Curls for Girls, 15X Tricep Extensions, 10X Curls for Girls, 10X Tricep Extensions.

Run down to the bridge- Lunges across the bridge, Run down the stairs to the bridge on the back side of the lake Lunge walk across the bridge, run to second brigade lunge walk across that bridge.  Sprint the length of the Lake back to the next bridge.  Jog over to the grassy circle for Mary.

Mary- 15X Rosalittas, 15X Hello Dollies, 6 in leg hold with 5 count around the circle.  COT

COT-  YHC thanked all those for coming out, I’m truly honored to Q the Forge and take it to all those on the grounds of my Great University.  F3 has made an unbelievable impact in my life.  Back in early December I made my first Post then I took two months off and came back in late February when I made the commitment to transform.  My weight peaked at 237 lbs in late December, I was as fat as I’ve ever been.  The past 5 months have allowed me to regroup, transform and grow as a man.  F3 is not just about working out and losing weight(now down to 200), it’s a brotherhood there’s no way to describe the bond I have with the other PAX.  Heck I don’t even know 90% of your real names but I know there are few men who can say we’ve been through the beat down that we experience as we Post.  I’ve been told by others that F3 isn’t sustainable, “there’s no way you can keep this up” I’ve heard it all.  My answer is F3 is absolutely sustainable because of each and every one of you.  You may not realize it, but just by showing up you’re impacting all of those around you, and you’ve definitely impacted me.  Thank you all from me and my family!!

Electrolux shared our experience from our Post at the Arena on Saturday.  If you haven’t seen it take a second to read the back blast.  Epic moment of truth from FNG Yogi.

Many prayers were called out.  One of our Pax’s friends lost their home to fire, prayers for them as they rebuild, Prayers to Picante for his Mother and Mother-In-Law as they battle Dementia, Prayers to C-Lo’s mother as she recovers from Heart Surgery, Continued prayers for Dufrane’s family as they try to cope with his loss.  Prayers for Little Mollie Jean, I spoke about Mollie several months ago a 3 year old with brain cancer, they operated several months ago and removed as much of the tumor as they could, she’s back at Duke this week to see if the tumor has grown.  I’m sure I missed one or two there were many this morning.  Announcements- Mud Run Sign Up ends today.  Get signed up.  Collection for Dufrane’s family’s trip, no donation is too small.  Get with Epoxy if you want to contribute.

Thanks again men!!  It’s a pleasure and honor to lead you!!  Even you Epoxy!!