I'll be there

4 stalwart PAX including one FNG arrived in the very, very early morn ready for a dose of the Floyd medicine. Damn, it was early and that’s all I have to say about that.

100 yard run
25 yard high knees, 25 butt kickers, 25 high knees, 25 butt kickers
200 yard run alternating jog and sprint every 25 yards
SSH x 20
Windmills x 15
LBAC x 15

The Thang
Jacob’s Ladder
3 flights of stairs with merkins at the bottom and air squats at the top
20 merkins/2 air squats
18 merkins/6 air squats
14 merkins/10 air squats
10 merkins/14 air squats
6 merkins/bunny hop up stairs/18 air squats
2 merkins/sprint up stairs/20 air squats

Yog over to railing
20 rows/20 inclined merkins
15 rows/15 inclined merkins
10 rows/10 inclined merkins
5 rows/5 inclined merkins

Yog to Ye old yellow wall
20 box jumps/5 dips
15 box jumps/10 dips
10 box jumps/15 dips
5 box jumps/20 dips

LBCs (cadence) x 30
Chester’s Heels to Heavens x 15
WWII sit-ups x 10
Russian Hammers (cadence) x 15


Doogie did keep his word. We met up with him on the elevator going to our cars.
Strong work Gris and Aggasi. It takes a strong man to get up that early and work out like we did. Keep it up.
Thanks Seinfeld for the assist with counting cadence.