First off- Kudos to Maize and MacGruber for running the ring of fire for extra credit prior to the start.

Warm-up: Jog up to the pull up bars. Plank until all arrive.

Tha thang:

Groups of 4: 5 pull ups (add in a muscle up if possible)

…in the meantime- exercises in cadence: 10x Merkin, 10x Mountain climber, 10x Good morning, 10x Wide Grip merkin, 10x Diamond Merkin.

Groups of 4 partner up:  pull ups (add in a muscle up if possible)

…in the meantime with your partner: 10x asst. handstand merkin, switch 10x more. 5x partner push-ups switch hands 10x more. 10x asst. handstand merkin.

Jog to the Dam. (10 merkin, 10 wide grip merkin OYO) Down to the rocks, grab a rock. Circle Up (20 merkins OYO) 10x Tricep extension, 50x LBC OYO (if you got to 30 too fast, you did more) 10x bicep curl, 30x russian hammers, 10x military press Drop rocks.

Sprint to the top. Plank there. Sarkozy 10 count, Regular, Putin 10 count, Regular (legs included on the Putin/Sarkozy) 10 Jump Squats OYO, Jog to back to the pull up bars (10 merkin, 10 wide grip merkin OYO) Circle up- hold the russian hammer position until all arrive.

AGAIN: Groups of 4: 5 pull ups (add in a muscle up if possible)

…in the meantime: Merkins 10x, Wide grip Merkins 10x, Diamond Merkins 10x, Merkins 10x, Squats 20x (thanks for the count, Gnobby).


At this point, some chaos ensued- many apologies from YHC. Most PAX made it around the loop. The hope there was that running all the way around would post a goal in sight that would push PAX to run as hard as possible instead of ladders or wind sprints when you never know if this is the last one or you have 6 more to go. As a note: Everyone that completed the circuit arrived at the dam within 1 min of the full 45 for the whole workout, also for your times: When we began the ring there were roughly 18:30 remaining which works out to two 9:15 miles- after the previous nearly half hour of roughness- T-Claps to all.

Moleskin: Sing up for the Mud Run! Donations for Dufresne’s family being collected by Au Pair, Maize and Epoxy. New Workout this Thursday 545am- THE JUDGE- Art museum.  Come out to the Arena on Saturdays and Metamorposis Wednesdays for great 3rd F service.