13 PAX posted for YHC’s maiden Q.  Harkening back to Pre-Dodd-Frank Regulation in the Wild Wild West days of 2006, No Documentation was required, Subprime mortgages and Pain for everyone (just ask CitiGroup)!

Disclaimer given with Holiday Inn Express reference that that bombed like Lionel Messi in the Knockout stages and we were off!

Warm Up:

SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Windmills x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Prisoner Squats x 20

Jack Webb’s 11s (+ 1 to grow on for over zealous Q)

The Thang:

Indian Run to the Top Deck

Ladders for Speed, Agility and Mental Strength.  Side to side shuttle to cones before hitting ladder with sprint to the end cone after ladder.

1) Forward chopping quick feet x2

2) Alternating Left/Right scissors down the side x2

3) Switch Alternating Left/Right scissors down the other side x 2

4) Merkins up the Ladder! x 2

5) Side to Side chopping feet in and out x 2

6) Hopscotch 2 feet in 2 feet out x 2

7) Speed hop the rope in and out x 2

In Honor of King James returning Home:

“LeBron Ladder 5s” on concrete stadium seats at baseball field:

5 Irkins (bottom) >LeBrons >5 Dirkins (top), 4 Irkins (bottom) >Lebrons> 4 Dirkins (top) on down…

Baseball Field: Around the horn…

Sprint to 1st, Defense slides (Coach K style) to 2nd, alternate direction Defensive slides to 3rd, back pedal Home.

Balls to Wall until Myrtle saunters home x 10


Sprint to 1st, Karaoke to 2nd, alt. direction Karaoke to 3rd, back pedal Home

People’s Chair until Myrtle completes his Manny Ramirez HR trot x 10


“Lebron Ladder 5s” One more time.

The Dip x 15

Left/Right Step Up x 15


Jog to Picnic Shelter for Mary:

LBCs x 20

Long Slow Flutters x 20

Freddy Mercury’s x 20

Rosalita’s x 20

Hammers x 20

Das Ende


Deadline to sign up for Mud Run is TOMORROW (15th). DO IT! Event is Oct 4th. Fungo gave a nice rundown of the event that is F3 dominate and a Team event. Do not worry if you do not have a team, you will be paired up with fellow PAX and compete together in a Team of 4.

Myrtle mentioned (for those not going to Mud Run), he will be pushing a stroller for a Cancer charity 5K at North Hills on Oct 4th and welcomes any fellow stroller pushers.

Velvet mentioned an event on August 1st, the Sir Walter Miler, where a group of runners will attempt to break 4 minute mile. Go out and drink beer and cheer them on!

TARP took us out to start our week right.