While I’m sure many of you were aware that burpees were the type of animal meant for the ark loader, you probably didn’t know that there were many different kinds of beasts. There’s the burner beast. There’s the “make you want to cry” beast of beasts. Then there’s the recovery beast. A kinder, gentler beast. It lulls it’s participants into a sense of comfort and ease. That is.. until you realize you’ve done 108 merkins and your arms are about to fall off… with 75% of today’s PAX having completed the Tough Mudder this weekend, we all fell prey, once again, to the beast.

Warm-up: yog, a very disjointed (and disgruntled *cough*FLOYD*cough*) SSH, little baby forward and backward arm circles, stretching

The Thang – The Beast – 6 reps, 6 stations (doing some exercise in between each station), 6 times through – this was done twice today
1. merkins with run
2. air squats with backwards run
3. wide grip merkins with bear crawl
4. air squats with crab walk
5. merkins with duck walk
6. air squats with run

1. merkins with walking lunge
2. plank jacks with high knees
3. freddie mercuries with butt kicks
4. air squats with run
5. burpees with run
6. air squats with bear crawl

COT/war stories

– good work by the PAX today – Floyd, you killed this workout today – you were at least 2 cones ahead of the rest of us… beast mode?
– New Thursday Workout – “Tobacco Road” – starts this thursday, 0530 at Herndon Park in South Durham… should be a good one…