Starting off in the Joe Namath jacket, YHC was not alone @ 615 in the parking lot, as a marathon training group held a race that morning. The coordinators stayed as far away as possible for a small parking. #thuglife

As the minutes ticked by, the Pax materialized, the mumble chatter began, YHC got some worrying caresses from Sir Fazio and off came the jacket. Much to the chagrin of 12 gloom-hardened Pax, the rain held off for the duration of the downPainment. In lieu of the expected punishing conditions, YHC attempted to rectify the all-together-too-comfortable December dawn.

Although not in the warm up, that was pretty soft: Jog to field behind the museum- circle up. 15x SSH, 6x Good morning, 20x mountain climber, 12x Windmills. Then- jog through the race lap: jog from the field to the amphitheater, weave up & down the stairs continue up the hill to the top of the metal stairs, 15x diamond merkin, bear crawl down the stairs, 15x in-outs at the bottom, jog across the field to the East parking lot, 15x wide grip merkins, side hop over the parking bumpers until you reach the picnic tables, 15x dips, 15x jump ups, side hop the same route back 15x regular merkins, and run through the finish line in the field.

Then the race was on: Originally there was going to be a prize for winning: getting to rest through the first exercise after the race. We decided that was unnecessary upon completion of the first lap and everyone proceeded to join at the finish for the people’s chair-o-rama until all completed the circuit.

Rest between the sets: Plank-o-rama. [Numbers denote YHC’s silent count in second via the Mississippi method]: 20 regular, 10 left leg up, 10 add right arm up, 10 regular, Reverse with right leg and left arm, 10 regular, 30 low plank hold, 15 chill cut, 10 right arm up chill cut, 10 add right leg up chill cut, 15 chill cut regular, same count for the left side of the chill cut, back to 30 low plank hold, up to 10 regular, then 5 count around the horn ending with YHC.

Well rested from our planking and still unseasonably dry and warm, Pax launched into lap 2. Strong finish by all, again people’s chair-o-rama until all arrived.

To rest before the final modified half lap sprint: Pax mozy over to the Cement “E” (when viewed from above) Balls to the wall walk from one side to the other, 25x LBC upon completion, then repeat BTW walk back with 25x more LBCs at the end.

Once again rested, the final half lap was modified (for time) to not include the jog back across the field to the East parking lot. Instead, we proceeded back up at the starting parking lot (with the mystified future marathoners) and finished our 15x wide grip merkins and 15x regular merkins there where we continued on directly into Mary as all Pax finished.

Mary: 20x box cutter (this was obviously a new exercise for Huckstable- who looked as if he’d heard me ask him to light the museum on fire at first, but he connected the dots.), 20x reverse LBC, 40x side to side heel taps, 30x Freddie mercury.

Moleskin: T-Claps to Maize and Huckstable- our two winners.

Text Orwell to get the number for send encouragement to John. Bring out your toys for donation to Ron Burgundy, Come to the Christmas party IF you RSVP- details and sign up here:

Led out by the prayers of MacGruber.

Always an honor to lead with this group- I felt filled up and refreshed for Saturday thanks to you men.