Twenty-three PAX convened on a chilly morning at Eddie Smith Fieldhouse on the UNC campus for a Manic Monday beatdown. The festivities opened with a quick warm-up (SSH, air squats, IW, arm circles, windmills, merkins and more SSH), then moved up to the Intramural Fields in front of Carmichael Auditorium for the main event. The goal from YHC was to make ‘em sweat, even it was 36 degrees.

We circled up and executed a circuit of 10 cadence-count SSH, air squats, merkins, mountain climbers and LBCs, with five double-merkin burpees at the end. Then four more of those circuits, adding extra credit of Carolina Dry Docks and close-grip merkins along the way.

Then the PAX bear-crawled the width of a soccer field and walking lunged back, then crab-walked across and lunged back again.

Afterward we circled up for some core work, two circuits of 60-second low-plank holds, 10 Parker Peters and 10 plank jacks. Then we split into three groups for 12 count dips for one group while the other groups did the Peoples’ Chair and Low-Plank Holds, cycling through a second time

Mary was tight with time for Heels to Heaven, WWII sit-ups, windshield wipers and a finale of 25 count LBCs. All in all great work by the PAX—we even broke a mild sweat despite the cold temperatures.