Despite the brief Friday nite Twitter Q confusion and a decent chance for showers, 23 of Midtowne’s finest showed up at Carroll Middle School for the latest installment of Catalyst.

Swingline, in his inaugural Q (with suspected broken finger no less), welcomed everyone, provided a brief disclaimer, instructions to retrieve the 4 cinder blocks behind YHC’s car, and we were off.  Run up Six Forks to back lot of Trinity Baptist, passing blocks along the way.  Circle up for warmup:

Side shuffle hop ×25, Good morning ×20, Windmill ×20, Imperial walker ×20, Mtn climbers ×20 and stay down for Merkins ×20.

YHC takes over for .3 mile Indian Run to North Hills Club picnic shelter.  2 lines, 1 block in front, 1 in back, passing blocks back and sprinting to front with one along the way.  Find a spot under shelter for 1 legged burpees right leg x10 OYO, sumo squat jump and 20 OYO, 10 1 legged burpees left leg OYO.  To the tables for irkins x 20, dips x 20, derkins x 20 (with intentional long pause between “move” and “in cadence”.  Jump up step ups x 15 OYO, more dips x 20, alternating lunge jumps x 20.  I think we did 10 more 1 legged burpees OYO but I was pretty zonked at this point.  Squat holds between every set.  Grab blocks and head over to hard tennis courts.  Find a partner – #1 peoples chair while #2 does 4 full court suicides.  Flapjack, then partner 1 far court and closest court suicides while #2 does balls to wall.  Quick sip of “free” water from the cooler graciously provided by NHC, grab blocks then head down Yadkin to Northbrook.  Stop at corner for more 1 legged burpees, or if you were holding a block when we stopped, cinder block swings or inverted rows with block.

Reform Indian Run lines, 2 blocks in each, at encouragement of Epoxy, who indicated Orwell had a bit of mischief up his sleeve.  Proceed up Northbrook towards Six Forks, and folks lucky enough to be in my line noticed the block passing frequency had diminished significantly; a couple of minutes later and one wise PAX in the other line shouts “Hey, we have 3 blocks in our line!”  Apparently Orwell, a generous giver not only in the Christmas season, had “donated” a block to the other line.  A man to emulate for sure.

One more stop at corner to even out the 1 legged burpee action, block holders still swinging.  Cross Six Forks back to parking lot and Swingline takes over.

Down to track for rock action of a different kind — curl x 20, overhead press x 20, inverted row x 20, repeato x 15.  Back to lot for a quick session of Mary:

WWII sit up x 20, American Hammer x20.  I have to compliment Costco on his American Hammer form and intensity, the likes of such I haven’t seen since I last posted with Man Ram.  I’d also like to thank Costco for having so much confidence in me and Swingline’s Q skills that he decided his Q duties at Pullen this morning were less important.  Costco, you’re a good friend.

Announcements and prayers: F3 Christmas party 12/22, get on Twitter, F3 Connect 12/17, sign up to Q or co-Q at Catalyst or elsewhere (NH Park would be a good choice), Convergence 1/1/15.  Prayers for Darby’s battalion leader, suffering from depression, John Risley.  Prayers for Shaggy’s dad, having eye surgery next week for skin cancer.  Prayers for Friar Tuck’s daughter, taking SATs this morning.  Zima took us out in style.  Thanks, as always men, for the honor.  Swingline, nice sharing the stage with you.