YHC and 18 of Raleigh’s finest F3ers came out for dynamic fun at Laurel Hills.  YHC messaged the BB clan in Costco’s rocket ship that YHC needed to leave just a touch early this am to do a little recon of the AO seeing as it was the first time as QIC there.  Park Lake hill consisted of a shin-high pole and wet leaves…no go.  Original Weinke tossed, but luckily LH offers a plethora of spots for #downpainment.

Jog down to lower field for COP:

20X SSH, 20X Imperial Walkers, 20X Dynamic Windmills…I know it’s early men, but a little coordination on this ‘can-can style’ stretch -you know you liked it!, 15X Merkins

The Thang:

Jog around pond to the base of grassy hill leading up to the LH Center.  I know, when you look up, it appears you’re going to run directly into the tree line but a quick demo by YHC revealed this was a slight dog leg right -no need to worry.

11s with Star Jumps at the top and Burpees at the bottom.  Prisoner Squats till the PAX is done.  Pretty work, moving along.

Jog to the back to the lower field for Core COP work:

Plank and stay there for the duration, 20X Plank Jacks, 20X Chillcut plank twists; 20X Mountain Climbers, 20 sec.  YHC planned to recover and move to next set, but MacGruber wouldn’t stop running his mouth (‘Are we done with the Warm Up…?), so, back down.  20X plank jacks and 20X Mountain Climbers.

Recover on the run back up the path around the playground to the retaining wall:

15X Irkins, 15X Dips, 15X Dirkins.  Repeato set.

Recover on the run to the parking lot:

1 Wind sprint AYG to other side and back.  Repeato running backwards to end and forward on the way back.

Jog over to B-ball courts for Mary:

Merican’ Hammers 50X and 6 in. leg hold with 5 (for Costco 20) sec. count around the circle.



F3 Christmas party – Monday Dec 22nd, 7-930pm at Tyler’s Tap Room – Seaboard Station – Cash Donations accepted at the door

Toys for Tots – Ron Burgundy is collecting toys through next Thursday.  Bring them to a workout and give them to the Q or catch up with Ron Burgundy this weekend or early next week.

January 1 Convergence at Fletcher Park – 7 am

ManRam closed us out strong.  My pleasure to lead you all this morning and thanks to Costco and Shaggy for having me.