19 PAX showed up in 27 degrees for a workout. Finally a dry day after so much rain so able to get in some suicides!

Warmup: 20xSSH, 10x windmill, 10x Willie May Hayes, 10x arm circles, 20x mtn climbers, 10x merkins

The Thang:

Quick stop for 2 rounds of 15x dips and 10x inverted rows. Then, on to the tennis courts. Start with a suicide spanning back and forth over 6 tennis courts. Then, a merkin ladder doing hand release merkins on the way up to 10 reps and then standard merkins on the way down (100 total merkins).
Then, repeat the suicide. Next, sets of WWIIs – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 20, 15,10 and 5. Then, repeat the suicide. Finish by running up the OEC hill to the parking lot for Mary.


Out of time so only 20x ski abs and 20x Russian Hammers.

COT – Thanks to F3 and the numerous positive aspects each of us draws from it.