And so went the text I received from Franzia post-workout.  Maybe it was the beard (which tends to make me angrier), maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t worked out in a few days and had consumed about 20,000 calories of cheese curds, danish kringle, rib sandwiches, and beer over the last week in Wisconsin, who knows (good beer though, you really should check it out…plug for the Horny Goat)?  Whatever the case, I, along with 30 others were ready to get back at it and burn some calories.  Thanks to Friar Tuck for asking for Qs as I had never solo Qd this one in my 1.5 years + of F3.  Really enjoyed it and hope to Q again soon.  Here we go:

Warm-up: SSH x 15; Good mornings x 12; Imperial walkers x 12; Jack Webbs (merkins with sandbag presses in 1:4, 2:8….10:40 ratio) – only had 10 sandbags so we spaced them out every third person (yep, this was a challenge for this crowd) and moved them left after each JW set.  The 32, 36, and 40 presses with bags get a little much, particularly if you didn’t space the bags out correctly!

The Thang:  Prior to warm-up, pax grouped themselves into teams of 3 and were introduced to the sandbag each team would carry for the workout (thanks again to Zero Hour for the loaner bags that I think I’ve had for about a month).

Following warm-up, each team collects their sandbag and follows YHC for instructions and a walk-through of the circuit forming a loop around Carroll.  Workout would be very similar to one I had previously done at Pullen, but that one was effective, I still had the sandbags, some of the stations were different, and most of the pax were different….deal with it!  Rules are pretty simple:  Each team will fill in at a station much like a shotgun start and complete the required exercises at said station (as noted on the note cards taped to the cones the night before – #planning) moving to subsequent stations at their pace.  All exercise counts are cumulative as a team with one caveat:  teams can never set their sandbag down, thus one member of the team must always be doing curls, presses, extensions, squats, etc. with the bag while the others are doing exercises as the bag stays / moves station to station with you.  If possible to do exercises holding the bag, have at it (doable for step-ups, quick feeds, hammers, etc. but not for certain others).  Rotate with the person with the bag, as necessary, to complete the number required as a team.

Station 1 (near main parking lot): 120 derkins on benches per team – not in cadence count

Station 2 (stone wall still near parking lot): 150 Step-ups per team – using cadence count

Station 3 (using rails on ramp heading to front of school): 100 pull-ups per team – not in cadence count

Station 4 (benched in front of school): 75 burpee box jumps per team

Station 5 (front of school on curb): 150 Quick Feet per team – using cadence count

Station 6 (front of school with 1 agility ladder): Using agility ladder, plank walk merkins with merkin required each time your hand touches another square of the ladder.  At end of ladder, bear crawl down / around cone (approx. 10 yards down) and bear crawl back to start of ladder.  Each teams must do 6 trips.

Run around side of school and lunge walk or broad jump down breezeway to next station

Station 7 (around side of school): 150 hammers per team – using cadence count

Lunge walk or broad jump down breezeway to next station

Station 8 (back of school near rear ramp to bball court): 100 count balls to wall per team – using cadence count

Station 9 (Larry David stairs): 6 stair barrows per team

Station 10 (behind school on pavement leading to stairs): 3 agility ladders separated by 4 cones between each ladder.  Ladder drill (hop scotch, icky, etc.) and running between cones (run, slide, karaoke, etc.) of your choice.  9 x through per team.

Station 11: M Runs / paint the lines by all team members while heading back to parking area

Station 12 (close to station 1 derkins, but ran out of cones so apparently White Shoe “didn’t see” or refused to do them b/c of no cone even though it was well marked with chalk as you ran right over it).  60 WW2 per team – using cadence count.

Continue with the circuit until about 7:50.  Most groups completed one full loop plus 2-3 additional stations.  Nice work!  Being that YHC had to coach a bball game downtown at 8:15, Bob Villa took pax back to the parking lot for assorted Mary while YHC picked up cones, ladders, and other props.

Upon my return, final exercise…..Jack Webbs using bags.  1:4, 2:8, up to 10:40.

Quick COT, couple announcements: Krispy Kreme, Mud Run, etc. and I was trying to head out with no name-o-rama….oops.  Name-o-rama, several prayers which unfortunately I forget given it was over a week ago, closing prayer by CW, and I was out for my game (which we lost by 1 on a late 3-pointer when up 2… I really have to tell them not to give up a 3 when up 2 with under 30 seconds? Apparently I do).

Thanks for the opportunity to Q Catalyst.  Been attending this one for a long time and had only co-Qd once with Cinderella.  It was a pleasure and hope to be back soon.  Final note:  I started drafting this the afternoon after Catalyst and then got tied up with various other things, so sorry for the delay.  Floppy talked tonight about the need to always so BBs (which I almost always do), but due to rambling, they take a little longer than 10-15 for me!  haha

Epoxy out…..