Better late than never for YHC’s virgin BB.  T-Claps to webmaster Floppy Disk for fixing my user permissions to enable the Post option. #science

I’ll admit, being as this was my first “wire-to-wire” Q, as Maize termed it, I was a bit anxious and didn’t sleep much at all the night before.  Flood Zone is a crowd favorite, and held true to that designation with 23 fellow PAX joining YHC across from Panera. The pressure was on.  Theme of the day = Highs & Lows.

LOW: the EC gang’s trash-talk arrived before they did — I got it, QIC is to lead EC at Flood Zone… duly noted… #themoreyouknow



And we’re off!  A fast mosey east to the near stairwell…Wait..

LOW: QIC forgot to check for FNGs and state disclaimer.  QIC stops at stairs to stumble through both… mumblechatter escalates.

Fast mosey resumes up the stairwell, heavy with mumblechatter drenched in sarcasm about hypothetical liability consequences due to lack of disclaimer… I’ll admit, some pretty solid material.  After exiting stairwell, QIC attempts to shut ’em up with bearcrawl down the ramp to lower level.  Then fast mosey over to Crabtree Tavern parking lot, circle up.

Seal Jacks X 25

Good Mornings X 10

Windmill X 10

Imperial Walker X 10

Burpees X 10 (OYO)

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 20

HIGH: Cruised through warm-ups, tempo is up, YHC feeling good about himself…now to the meat of the Q




PAX grab a rock, run up Kidd’s Hill, up the stairs to Solis Apartments, and back to the end of parking lot.  Partner up — P1 down to end of lot and back, P2 rock exercise… Flapjack

Round 1 = Karaoke, rock curl

Round 2 = Back pedal, shoulder press

Round 3 = Sprint, inverted row

HIGH: how all PAX were feeling after inhaling the fumes from the animal trailer parked behind them

LOW: Pergo pulled a hammy during exercise… heal up quickly, brother


Circle up w/ rock … OYO exercises to not wake up luxury apartment residents

Rock squats X 20

Merkins, left hand on rock X 10, right hand on rock X 10


LOW/HIGH: QIC called “recover” instead of “regular” during plankorama, a cruel tease to a few, especially WhiteShoe who threatened to call QIC the name of some 7th grade crush/tease/who the hell knows

Run back down to rock pile, return rock

Fast mosey through deck to the big ramp — bear crawl half way up, sprint rest of the way… plank when at the top



sprint to/back from each parking lot pole, completing exercises at each (OYO)

1st pole = Burpees X 10

2nd pole = Skiabs X 10

3rd pole = Spiderman merkins X 10

4th pole = Star jumps X 10

squat hold when complete


5 Burpee Pyramid, squat hold in between — paying forward to Flood Zone brethren after Zima so graciously did so at True Grit that Tuesday (from Wilson)… quads were barking


Fast mosey back down to starting area for Mary

‘Merican hammer X 30

Low slow flutter X 10

LBCs X 30

WWII sit-ups X 20




COT (please notify me of anything I missed)


  • Wilson announced a kids rec league bball victory over Tadpole that everyone really cared about…
  • Krispy Kreme Challenge on Valentine’s Day (2/14) — solid F3 presence already committed
  • F3 Raleigh 3rd anniversary convergence at Pullen Park on March 7 @ 6:45am
  • Mud Run on April 11 –sign-up to be posted soon

Prayer Requests

  • WhiteShoe & M expecting baby!  Big congrats & praise
  • Pergo to heal up quickly

Cinderella took us out.


Naked Moleskin

All in all, a very enjoyable first time Q’ing, and look forward to the next few I’ve signed up for over the coming month.  F3 has become a big part of my life since my first post in early September, and it is an honor to lead all of you in our collective objective to strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and most importantly in our Faith-centered walk.