It was an honor starting my birthday celebration by leading The Crick Pax. Bonus points to Nutter for making a special return and Cunningham for shaving for the occasion. The theme included crowdsourcing, basketball drills, and fun. Let’s see how we did.

The Thang


Field Sprints

Took advantage of some light by the field and stretched the legs with some drills:

  • High kicks
  • Karaoke
  • High knees
  • Sprints
  • Plank it out boys


The Pax circled up and each member picked an exercise of their choice. If the Birthday Q liked it we did star jumps if the drill was disliked by the Q we did burpees:

  • Star Jump total 60
  • Burpee total 50
  • 10 total workouts including Dan Jansens, Merkins, and 4 count squat/knee raises that I butchered into a 3 count (that resulted in some burpees!)

Basketball Drills

Free Throw Drills

In the words of Charles Barkley that was “turrible”…only by Coach D’s Duke b-ball skills did we avoid missing all and went 1/11…

  • Sprints
  • Long jumps
  • Merkins

 Circle the Court

Pax partnered up to circle the court and then defensive drills

  • Partner wheelbarrows
  • Crab walk
  • Sprints
  • Defensive slides

Backboard Touches

Everyone got a chance to show off their mad hops and we cheered on the Pax members as they sprinted down to touch the backboard…great YouTube clips


Beyond free throws and dunking abilities you need some stamina so we ran the width of the court 17 times to finish off the basketball theme


  • LBCs (31)
  • Side shuffle hops (31)


  • Announcements of mud run teams and reminder of Monday’s Kickstarter workout
  • Prayer

See you guys at the next birthday baller workout!